Best Dictionary Apps for English learners.

best dictionary apps

When you see a word that you don’t know the meaning. What do you do?  You check in the dictionary right? Well, with the advancement in technology, you don’t need to carry your dictionary to every place that you are going. There are so top best dictionary apps that you can install in your phone. These best dictionary apps will help you to find the meaning of any word anytime you want without opening your big book dictionary. There are so many best dictionary apps that you can use on your android device. As a student, it is necessary that you download the right dictionary app to aid your study. But before you choose any of these apps, you need to ask yourself these questions.

Do you need a dictionary without an internet connection that you can use offline?

Do you need a dictionary that has an audio translation?

Do you need a dictionary for study or do you need a dictionary to search for the simple meaning of words?

The answer to these simple questions will let you know the type of dictionary app that you can download. Now let’s get started. Below are the best dictionary Apps that you can download in your phone. They are available on Android and iPhone devices.

Top Best Dictionary Apps for Android and iOS Devices

This is one of the simple dictionary apps that you can use. It works offline and can allow you to save some words for future purposes. This app comes with “word of the day” and a blog that aids your study. It is one of the dictionary apps with a huge data base of over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms.  The dictionary also comes with an audio feature that pronounces the names of words that you search. One of the amazing things about this dictionary is that it can translate words to over 30 languages with detailed word description in case you are into etymology. It is one of the best dictionary App that I have used. You can download it for your studies.

One of the best dictionary App that is easy to use. It is an app that you can use to learn simple English. It is very understandable and can be used for learning purposes. You will feel like your teacher is teaching you in the class while using this app. The app is not only a dictionary, but it is also a vocabulary building app. The app can be customized to fit in the way you learn. You can download the app to take a look at its features.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This app was founded by the brain behind the Americans most popular dictionary Merriam – Webster. It is a very good app for those that need a dictionary for educational purposes. It will teach you a whole lot of things. Another unique thing about this app is that it lets you search words by speaking them. In case, you don’t know how a word is written, you can search for such words by pronouncing it. It is one of the bests dictionary apps that you can use.

Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English

It is a flagship of British dictionary from Oxford. It is one of the popular offline dictionary apps that most people use. It is a dictionary that is updated every year with over 350, 000 words, phrases, and meanings.  You can download this dictionary in google play store and it is free to use.

Courtesy of this dictionary, you can search any word that you want. It is a versatile dictionary with so many great features like; “word of the day” and “idiom of the day”.  It covers medical dictionary, slang dictionary, financial dictionary, legal dictionary, science dictionary, and acronyms and abbreviations. All these at your disposal. Another good thing about this dictionary is that it is available in 13 languages and have the option to translate English to over 40 languages.  It is one of the best dictionary apps with a good user interface to give you the comfort you desire. You can download this dictionary in the play store.

Urban Dictionary

Nice dictionary but very tricky to use. It comes with a fully loaded feature that will aid your study. It provides you with the option to search words that are into existence. Not all words can be found in the dictionary but an urban dictionary will explain these slang words but you need to be careful of the meaning of words in this dictionary as it might be confusing. Anyway, it is an amazing dictionary with a good user interface. It is one of the best dictionary apps that you can download in your android device.

Google Translate

Some people might not call it a dictionary App but it is one of the useful tools that you can use. It is very useful when you want to know the word that you want to include in a sentence. Also, you can use it to translate your sentence into so many languages. The app also supports voice-to-text which means that you can say something in English and see it translated into text. It is one of the apps that you can use to aid your study.

English Dictionary – Offline

English Dictionary – Offline

One of the best dictionary apps that you can use. This dictionary is not a modern dictionary but it is a very useful tool for Android users. The app is available offline. You can create flashcards in this dictionary and study them anytime you want. The app also have American and British spelling so if you are looking for British dictionary, the app will help you. It is an amazing dictionary that you can use.

These Apps will aid in your study. You don’t need to stress yourself carrying big dictionary up and down. With these apps, you can search for any word at any time. I hope this article is helpful to you.



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