5 Best Elevation Apps for iPhone

Best Elevation apps

If you are a tech-savvy individual that loves climbing mountains to snap that perfect selfie or for other purposes, here are the 5 best elevation apps for iPhone.

We are in the digital era, an age during which there is barely any activity we can perform without the assistance of technology.

Banking, instant communication, buying & selling, dating, you name it, we need the immense power of technology in one form or the other to become more efficient, to be more productive.

Even going hiking and climbing mountains are not left out. In the past, special tools were required to make measurements of altitude & pressure, and many of such equipment were cumbersome to carry about.

Today, to perform simple elevation measurements, all you need is your iPhone which is portable, lightweight, and reliable.

Below, we take a look at the 5 best elevation apps for iPhone:

Top Altitude Apps for iOS

These mobile apps come handy if you want to capture that perfect selfie at the peak of a tall mountain or by the beach. However, these pieces of elevation software offer you more than just image-capturing capability.

Let’s learn more!

My Altitude

My Altitude

My Altitude is one of the most highly sought-after elevation apps among iOS users.

This software determines your current location, altitude (which is referred to as the height above sea level), water boiling point, and barometric pressure.

The app makes use of your phone’s sensors and GPS. However, for the majority of iPhones, particularly if you have the latest models, the software will only utilize your phone’s sensors due to its latest tech, which will produce more accurate results.

If your device is functioning well, it’ll still provide accurate results, though.

My Altitude does not require an Internet connection to work and even allows you to even snap photos right within the app that’ll equally offer the parameters of your activity.


Travel Altimeter & Elevation 

Travel Altimeter & Elevation

Travel Altimeter & Elevation app is designed by BranchenKing Ltd. The software helps you to check your altitude or elevation on fascinating landscapes, which change with the time of day.

The barometer comes handy in tracking your altitude changes, depending on pressure change. Simply set your reference pressure & altitude to make use of the Altimeter to determine the difference in elevation of two points.

It is perfect for hiking as well as other outdoor activities you engage in. The Compass display your real-time orientation on the app.




inRoute enables you to plan any route, safely and confidently, by measuring elevation, distance, weather, and others.

The app comes with a range of exciting features, one of which is a navigator that has a voice option that informs you where to turn during your journey.

It also lets you check your route to know if there will be severe weather. If it gets information there will be inclement weather, you’ll get an alarm.

Interactive charts display route elevation, weather (humidity, temperature, precipitation, severe weather alerts, wind speed or direction), and curviness.


Altimeter Ler

Altimeter Ler

Altimeter Ler is yet another popular elevation app for mountain bikers, hikers, and other tech-savvy people that love going up somewhere with elevation. An all-in-one-app, it provides you with an altimeter, a compass and a tracker.

Apart from these, it offers you updates on the current weather. If the unit system’s essential for your reading, the tool enables you to change them and select between metric or imperial unit settings.

The app’s compass captures a picture using your current coordinates, showing the real-time orientation to magnetic fields. It equally lets you switch between true & magnetic North.


Barometer and Altimeter Pro

Barometer & Altimeter Pro helps you monitor and report the recording altitude in your trip. It comes with free features, including a barometer for accurate weather condition, in addition to an altimeter for your outdoor activities.

The app provides an interactive timeline on trend graphs and enables you to select among six various pressure units as well as two altitude units.

The software does not require an Internet connection. If you upgrade to the app’s premium version, you get to enjoy different pro features.

One of these is that it allows you to change your barometer’s face and presents you with two scales on your barometer, including a fishing barometer. It equally lets you export info in CSV format.

This app is only compatible with phones running iOS. It is best used on iPhone 6 and newer models, new iPad models, as well as the Apple Watch model 3, since these devices,  have a barometric sensor.

To measure altitude, pressure during a mountain-climbing or hiking activity, you can download one of the 5 best elevation apps for iPhone, reviewed above which best suits your style and needs.


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