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Top Best Emoji Apps for Android

Emoji Keyboard

Do you want to know the best Emoji Apps for Android? Well, we listed them below. The internet right now is all about photos, emojis and memes. Emojis are a fun way to actually express one’s feelings without using words. The stock emoji on your keyboard might be getting too boring or outdated and you need new ones to keep up in the world of emojis. The emojis below are perfect for every mood or situation you might find yourself in. Below are the best Emoji Apps for Android.

1. Emoji Phone for Android

This is one of the best to get especially if you have a sense of humour about emojis. It only comes with over 1000+ emojis for you to use during conversations and also has almost everything emoji related like GIFs and emoji backgrounds. You can also personalize your home screen with emoji icon packs. Download on Play store Here

2. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is an older emoji app that flows with Snapchat and other social apps. If you want to change your profile photo on Snapchat you have to use it. It lets you create an Emoji from yourself letting you be the emoji. There’s always a situation the app will put you in to reflect what’s going on. Download on Play store Here

3. Emoji Keyboard

Just like the name suggests, this app comes with it’s own keyboard and of course emojis. We have seen a lot of keyboards these days with a dedicated emoji tab to access different emojis. But the emojis on this keyboard isn’t limited like we typically see on others. It comes with over 1200+ emojis and they are all very well-designed. Download on Play store Here

4. Smiley Emoji Keyboard

Another emoji keyboard here, just in case you aren’t feeling the first one. This lets you completely change your current keyboard with its archaic emojis. It comes with over 800 different emojis for you to use and all of them are beautifully designed as well. We tested it and it works with all major messaging apps including WhatsApp. Download on Play store Here

5. Elite Emoji

This is one of the best Emoji Apps for Android, simply for the elite. It boasts of over 1000 high definition stickers and emojis for you to easily use while chatting. The stickers can be sent as well on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Do you like GIFs? The app comes with quite a number as well. Download on Play store Here


These are the best Emoji Apps right now at the moment. Some of the apps have the standard emojis while others will allow you to become an emoji to have more fun.


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