10 Best Football Games Offline for Android in 2021

Best Football Games Offline for Android

Football is arguably the number one sport in the world right now. It is known as Soccer in countries like the United States of America. With the exponential growth of mobile gaming, there are so many football games out there right now for football lovers.

Not everyone is hyped about playing football games online, where they get to compete with players all over the world.

Some football fans just love playing the game by themselves or oftentimes their network is stable enough to permit an online game. Here, we bring to you the 10 best football games offline for Android in 2021.

Best Football Games Offline

1. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer 2020 apk

Dream league soccer is no doubt one of the Best Football Games Offline on Android devices. You won’t get a better offline football game than Dream League Soccer.

Overall, it is one of the famous football games on mobile. There are 6 divisions available, you get promoted to a higher one after winning the previous division. The game is very popular on Android with over 100 million downloads on Google playstore right now.

2. Score! Hero

Another popular football game with over 100 million downloads on Google playstore is Score Hero. The game works offline with realistic immersive free flowing 3D gameplay.

You’re in control of a single player on the pitch, will be tasked with leading your team to glory and become the hero! There are over 660 levels to play in this game with the developers constantly working on adding more.

3. Soccer Stars

Coming up at number three on our 10 best football games offline for Android in 2021 is Soccer Stars. The game features both online and offline multiplayer, amazing ball physics, simple and fun gameplay. Unlike Dream League Soccer and Score Hero, Soccer Stars features just cans as your player. It is still quite addictive and has over 50 million downloads on Google playstore.

4. Head Soccer

Head Soccer is free for all offline soccer game with unique characters. There are 7 Game modes; Fight Mode, Arcade, Tournament, League, Head Cup, Death Mode and Survival. It is very explosive with lethal shots and all. The game features over 81 avatars to play with.

5. Real Football

This is another offline game you can depend on. Real Football let users experience football both on and off the pitch. You get to build your favourite team and compete on the biggest stage towards becoming a champion.

The game features stunning visuals such as polished shadows, 3D stadiums, detailed textures, and spectators. There are off the pitch facilities in the game like Hospitals, Physiotherapy Centres and Youth Camp. It won’t get more realistic than this.

6. Ultimate Football

Ultimate Football is an immersive and realistic 3D football simulation game. Unlike FIFA and PES, Ultimate Football doesn’t have the naming rights for clubs, so you will see some weird names in the game. But it doesn’t take away the fun the game brings. They do have real players name though. Ultimate Football has over 50 million downloads on Google playstore.

7. Final Kick 2019

At number seven in the 10 Best Football Games Offline for Android in 2019 is Final Kick. As the name implies, the game is all about taking that final kick of the game. It features 20 offline tournaments to participate in such as penalty mode and a free-kick mode where you can master the art.

8. Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot 2 is arguably the best mobile free kick game. Part 1 was so popular on Android, and we aren’t surprised to see the second edition on the right path to surpassing it. Flick Shoot 2 features unique controls, realistic animations, improved 3D graphics. The game features 6 different single-player modes; Arcade, Time Attack, Challenge, Not Miss, Dribbling and Practice.

9. Football Strike

In Football strike game, you can either play as a striker or as a goalkeeper. This is a real multiplayer game with different game modes. As a striker, you’ll learn to take explosive and accurate shots and also develop on free kicks. While as a goalkeeper, you’ll learn to make amazing saves.

10. Soccer Star 19

Finishing up the list of 10 Best Football Games Offline for Android in 2021 is Soccer Star 19.

This game lets you replicate the 2019 UEFA Champions League between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid, Spain. There is also the World Cup competition, where you select your favourite national team and compete.


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