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Best Free Radio App you can download on your phone

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Here we will be discussing the best free radio apps on Android platforms. There are so many ways that you can listen to music these days. It is either you stream the music, watch the music video or listen to them. Although there are radio apps that you can download in google playstore and start listening to cool music. Even though radio is no longer as popular as it used to be but there are still some cool radio apps that you can use to listen to music.  These apps are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.  You can check the best radio app that you can download in your phone below.

Best Free Radio Apps

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

It might come as a surprise to many people why I included google play music on the list. This is one of the easiest ways that you listen to music on your phone. It is the most popular music app with over 1billion installations in playstore. It comes with many cool kinds of music covering every genre both old and new kinds of music. If you are someone that loves listening to old songs, google play music is the best App for you. It comes with a monthly subscription of $9.99. With that, you can have access to all the songs. Google play music may not actually be radio but you can use it to listen to any type of music you want.


TuneIn Radio

This is one of the best radio apps that you can use on your mobile device. The app comes with a vast library of programs like; local radio shows, sports station, podcasts etc. The radio app has a good user interface with clear navigation that makes it easier for you to operate. And the sound quality is very good. The only flaw that I saw when using this app is that it takes a lot of time to buffer when you select a program and the app also shows Ad sometimes. Above all, TuneIn is an amazing app that you can use. Check it out on playstore.


This radio app comes with many stations that you can tune into and listen to news including FM radio and iHearRadio own radio station to select. You can always find the station that fits the mood that you are into at a particular time.  It is one of the popular radio apps listened from major US cities such as New York or Los Angeles.  It hosts a lot of podcasts covering a wide range of topics, live talk shows, music countdown, sports events etc. for learning purposes.

The app has some cool features like the “My Favorite Radio” which allows you put together your favourite songs and performers, the “Perfect For” feature which allows you to search for latest music and fine-tuned music for everyday activity. The app is free but has a premium version which you can subscribe to get some more cool features.


Accu radio

This app boost of over 1000 channels which you can tune into and listen. AS a listener, you can customize the channels the way you like. Also, there are some features that come with the app. Like, you can ban an artist from your station. The disadvantage of using this app is that it is not Chromecast supportive and the server sometimes has issues. But you can check the app in playstore.

Pandora Radio

Pandora Music

It is one of the best radio Apps in the market. It is one of the best alternatives to TuneIn. You can create your own station with this app instead of dealing with some specific stations.  You can do that by searching for your favourite genre. There is still lots of playlist that you can stream. Also, Pandora gives you access to any station you want and the system will display stations to you based on your likes. The only downside about this app is that it only works in the US. It is not accessible to people living outside the US.

Radio Online

Radio Online - PCRADIO

It is a lightweight radio app that works on almost all apps. It can work with low internet speed. The App comes with a good user interface and all the stations are well arranged for easy navigation.  The app will give you access to mark your favourite stations and access them later. Also, you can search your favourite station using the search bar. It comes with both free and premium version.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

It offers some cool features just like Pandora. This app comes with a specially programmed stations run by staffs. This app allows you to view the biography of your favourite artist and you can share music via text or email. The app also allows you to vote for your favourite music and also to block a station that you don’t like. The app is free to download but also comes with a paid version.


This is one of the best music streaming apps with a handy of features. The app works on virtually all devices and it allows you to make an unlimited number of playlists. The app makes it easy for you to listen to a playlist made by others and you have the option to try the premium features for 30 days before you can subscribe. One of the disadvantages of using this app is that it is only six songs that can be skipped every hour and the App also shows advertisements. Also, you will need to create an account in the app before you can have access to the music.

These are great radio app that you can use in your phone. There are other ones that you can check in the play store. If this article was helpful to you, drop your comment below.



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