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Best Free TV Apps For Android & iOS to Watch and Stream Live Show

In this, you get to learn the best free TV Apps that you can download on Android and iOS. One of the greatest advantages of using an Android Smartphone and tablet is the portability that accompanies the device. Nonetheless, the world of entertainment extends from gaming, emailing, internet browsing, snapping photos, and watching videos among other things. However, a striking advancement about the Smartphone is the capability of being able to watch TV programs right from the comfort of where you are utilizing your Smartphone.

To make things easier, we took it upon ourselves to choose from the varieties of TV apps and selected the very best for User’s perception and satisfaction. So, if on the off chance you don’t have a preferred choice or don’t know the next thing to do about it, then you can pick from the list of top four movie apps for Android Smartphone users, some of which will require you to get a verified access to content from your supported TV content provider.

Top four Best Free TV apps for Mobile

  1. KODI

On the top of our list is KODI. Kodi is a well-known app that acts as a software core media player.   The app is among the best free TV apps and is customized with a highly friendly user inter-interface that enables users to navigate through videos, podcasts, photos and music easily. Although the app doesn’t offer a real content of its own, it is still an excellent app to stream live videos.

The App allows users to install a third-party video plug-in with an unlimited choice of TV shows and movies. However, for a better video perception, it is advisable to play videos on Kodi with phones with high screen resolution.


Arguably one of the visited online video stores, many can relate to the fact YouTube isn’t a new name in the live video streaming industry. There is also the YOUTUBE RED that comes with TV show and features to stream live shows. Aside from the online website page that the platform operates from, it also has a mobile app for Smartphone users to varieties of video contents such as news, entertainment and the likes. Users are liable to free channel content of their voice to monitor the latest trend and also create a playlist of their choice.


Another app that falls in our list of a preferred app is the ABC app. This app allows you to stream varieties of live videos with lots of options. Some of the exciting video programs it displays include Modern Family, Gray’s Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, as well as Jimmy Kimmel. This app also covers mainstream events such as the Oscars and award night, although this is available to only participating TV providers.

  1. NBC 

With this video streaming app, it is easy to watch live local NBC station live which includes different TV episodes, while still keeping up with the latest video trend. However, to view videos on this app, you need to login by entering your username and password as well as including a TV content provider. On the off chance that you don’t have a TV provider, you would be eligible to unlock new TV episodes after eight days of their TV airings. Some of the exciting contents that this app covers include Battlestar, Knight Rider, Galactica and many others.

Without mincing words, there has never being a time to enjoy the best of entertainment on your Android phone then now, which is why we have taken it upon ourselves to release the best from the rest of TV streaming Apps available. However, regardless of which is which, it still all bolsters on you and your preference of the best free TV apps that best suits you.

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