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Listening to music, lectures, radio, and watching movies are among other social and educational aspects that form part of our lives. And fortunately, the advent of headsets has also helped in ensuring that we enjoy our music, movies, and others on the go without being hindered by location, either in the public transport, gym, on the street, or the shopping mall.

In the light of the above, headsets have become one of the necessities of our lives. Headsets come in different designs, sizes, and shapes for different categories of people budget and income wise. In this article, I will talk about the 5 best headsets you can buy in Nigeria.

There are different options of headsets from earbuds, wireless, fitness-centric to noise-cancelling, it may be difficult to choose the best headset and we have helped you solve that by bringing up a list of the five best headsets you can buy and most importantly cost-effective.

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

5 best headsets

Jaybird X3 is one of the 5 best headsets. Listening to music during a workout makes it appears less tiresome and that is why Jaybird X3 Sport becomes necessary for you especially if you are the type that likes working out. It comes with a good sound and has a hydrophobic nano-coating that can resist sweat. It sits firmly on your head and on your ear giving you no concern about how you move your head. It can last up t eight hours of playing time.

Bose Quiet Comfort 35

Just like its name, when you desire to have the best noise-canceling headset with maximum comfort and the best technology, Bose QC 35 comes to mind. Good quality for its price, it stands out in the class of wireless headset and the first in that category. It is no doubt one of the 5 best headsets.

The QC 35 has the Google Assistant built-in which makes it possible for you to play music and text with your voice. This headset, built with synthetic protein leather for the ear cushion, comes with Bluetooth can last 20 hours of playing time.

Beats Solo3

best Solo 3

Beats Solo3 is specially recommended for lovers of music with its excellent Bluetooth and battery performance that can last 40 hours, Beats Solo3 delivers premium cushion ear cups that make it light over the head. It comes with quality sound, noise cancelling guard and options for taking calls and controlling music.

Sony MDR-1A

Sony MDR-1A

The next on the list is Sony MDR-1A. Sony is, no doubt a household name in the electronics industry and they scored a point with MDR-1A. This gadget comes with comfort that sits securely over the ear. It brings out a pure sound of music with clarity and guards against noise. The soft leather earpads provide comfort that allows them to be worn for a longer period, making them one of the 5 best headsets.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

Get the most out of your music with Sennheiser Momentum Wireless giving you pure master-class sound and active noise canceling. It comes with streamlined designs, good leather earpads, and a headband that sit firmly over the head providing the support that prevents the headset from moving about on the head.


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