10 best home Security apps For Android


10 best home Security apps: Security has been a major setback to a lot of us, and obviously, not all of us can afford security guards to protect our home. There are lots of home security apps that can be used to track, monitor, and protect our homes with ease.

These are easy to use and some can be paired with CCTV cameras to know what is happening at home when we are away. Protecting our life and properties should be our utmost priority in life. These app helps secure your life, properties, appliances and your home in general.

Here are the 10 best home Security apps you need to know.

1. Alfred

Make Alfred your personal security guard, the app is very easy to use. There are no lengthy logins or requirements, just download the app and start using it. The straightforward app immediately turns your smartphone into a surveillance camera that monitors anywhere on a simple command.

The app also features motion-detecting capabilities that send you pictures of when a motion is detected around your house.

2. TrackView (Video Monitor)

Another surveillance app that does exactly what it is supposed to. Very easy to use, TrackView works swiftly in your smartphone background even when in sleep mode. Make your smartphone an eye that watches over you when you sleep and see everything that happened when you wake up.

3. Nest

This app only works with Nest appliances installed in your home, but it is worth the money. It isn’t necessarily a surveillance app but it alerts you when your house is filled with carbon monoxide or smoke. You can also set lots of events and emergency alarms you want to receive.

4. Ivideon

This leading cloud video surveillance app works with its appliances to protect your home. The company’s cameras and equipment are one of the best you could ever get to protect your home. Download the app and connect with the cameras with ease, and watch the live stream from anywhere in the world. One of the best features of the App is its ability to save data on a cloud storage making any localized storage redundant.

5. i-Security

With this app, you can monitor multiple cameras through surveillance systems. You can view everything happening through the eyes of those cameras with WiFi or 3G internet. At first, you would notice the app isn’t user-friendly, but its technicality is out of this world.

6. Vivint Sky App

You need to have a customer account with Vivint to use their app and trust me, it is worth it. With the app, you can lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. View live video of your home and other amazing features.

7. Frontpoint Mobile App

Frontpoint’s home security mobile app is one of the best you could ever get. Amazingly it works with Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices, making it accessible to everyone.


This App is perfect to protect your home, you can also get cable, internet, and phone services within the app. The app allows you to access your system remotely, change status, and view history. You also get to watch the live video or clips of key events and get automatic alerts to your phone or computer.

9. SimpliSafe Security Systems App

This award-winning company also has an App, and it’s perfect for protecting your home. You get flood, fire, and carbon monoxide alerts on your smartphone. You can also see who has come and gone from your home. Monitor access to sensitive areas in your home (like where you keep your liquor, gun, medicine cabinets, etc.)

10. AlarmForce

Since 1988, this App has been securing the homes of millions of people. Easily control the basic functions of your homes while away with AlarmForce. Connect your phone to the home security system and secure your home with ease. It has alerts that tell you when the doorbell rings, it also detects movement around your home. You can download video files gotten from the camera to your smartphone as well.


Security has been a major setback to a lot of us, and obviously, not all of us can afford security guards to protect our home. Therefore, theseĀ 10 best home Security apps could offer significant help at no cost.

You get them from Google play store or the Apple Store if you will like to download any one of them.


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