Best Insurance Apps for Android and iOS in 2021-Must Have

Best insurance apps for android

Best Insurance Apps for Android & iOS: Insurance protects you from any form of loss, especially financial aspects. At some point, we all need to insure one or two things in our life. Yes, you can insure a whole lot of property from the comfort of your house, like cars, houses, office buildings, etc. So if there’s any unexpected loss to the insured property, you might get a new property or refund depending on the terms and conditions.

With everyone owning a smartphone in this era, most insurance companies have made themselves available via the App store to easily reach out to future clients. Some insurance apps allow you to insure almost anything, including certificates, valued files, and even memorable photographs.

These are the Best Insurance Apps for Android and iOS in 2021

You can get all the Apps explained here from your respective stores-Google Play store or the Apple Store.

1. Liberty Mutual Mobile

The best out there, this insurance app helps secure your properties in case of a fire outbreak or theft. You can do all this right on the app, just take photos of the properties and upload them, then you specify the details of all properties. In a few minutes, you will get accurate and comprehensive details of the insurance policy of each item, which you can accept or decline.

2. Progressive App

To use things insurance app with ease, you need to submit your ID card. There are also discounts, coverages, documents as well as policy details. After insuring your properties, you can pay via debit card, credit card or checking account. You can stay in touch with your insurers within the app, it also lets you add images of properties with ease.

3. Esurance App

This insurance app focuses on insuring cars, offering support at little or no cost, and tracking the status of your application. The app accepts ID cards in digital form and offers payment options that are reliable and fast. Checking your payment schedule and status has never been easier on one of the best car insurance apps ever.

4. GEICO Mobile

Another car insurance app you should definitely try out, it is not only easy to use but also efficient. It has lots of features that help you navigate through insurance policies and terms. It doesn’t just insure only cars, you can also insure homes and other properties as well.

5. Money Supermarket GO

Cars are one of those properties that really don’t last long, so smart people insure their cars. Money Supermarket GO is another car insurance tool that lets you insure your cars in a jiffy. Unlike other insurance apps, this is not restricted to the insurance policy of just one firm.

6. GoodRide by Allstate

Motorcycle riders can now insure their rides on this app, it helps riders track their route, time and mileage. GoodRide also helps users prepare for trips showing you where there is gas and check the local weather as well.

7. State Farm Pocket Agent

Insure your cars, home and other properties with ease on this app, there’s also tool that lets you manage all insurance policies with the use of material design in a creative manner.

8. MetLife Infinity App

The MetLife Infinity app offers a life insurance policy in a file format. You can easily create a digital legacy for yourself, friends and family. Insure photos, videos and other important documents to get them later in the future or get compensated.


Insurance protects you from any form of loss, especially financial aspects. At some point, we all need to insure one or two things in our life. These Best Insurance Apps for Android & iOS explained will surely get you started if you are serious about insuring any of your property.


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