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10 Best itel Phones, Specifications and Price

Best itel Phones

If you are a fan of itel Mobile phones, here I will be listing the best itel phones you can get around now. If there’s one thing I like about itel, it is their love for the low-class individuals, hence their devices are quite affordable.

More than 60% of the world’s population earns less than $1 a day, and they deserve to own a smartphone too. The phones in this list are more than affordable, as itel is known for its affordable smartphones.

There are lots of itel phones right now. It’s actually quite overwhelming searching for the perfect itel phone to buy.

At the core of phonecorridor.com’s mantra is helping our audience with the best devices to buy in the market. Hence the reason for this article.

Just stay with me as I bring out the 10 best itel phones in no particular order in the market right now

Best itel Phones and their prices.

1. itel P32 (N26,500)

No doubt this is one of the best itel Phones you can get right now. The phone was recently announced in the country and this means you are getting the benefits of the latest technology.

It runs on the latest Android 8.1 Go Edition which is a highly optimized version of Android Oreo made for low RAM devices.

The itel P32 sports the trendy Full view display with 18:9 aspect ratio and you equally beefy battery life. In fact,  the itel P32 major focus is the battery and is impressive, to say the least. You get a 4000mAh battery that is guaranteed to last up to two days. Check out other specs below.

itel P32-Best itel Phones

2. Itel A32f ( N19,900)

The itel A32F is another itel phone running on Android Go Operating system and it’s no surprise that it made our list of Best itel Phones. This means with just 1GB of RAM, the device will still run smoothly. The iTel A32F has an attractive metal body and different from what we typically see from the company.

One of the highlights of the device is the rear fingerprint scanner, which iTel claims unlocks the device in 0.2s. Specs-wise, it runs on Android GO with 1GB of RAM and 8GB storage space. Let’s find out more below.

Itel A32f

3. Itel S32 LTE ( N42,500)

If you are looking for an itel device that ticks all essential features, itel S32 LTE will be your device of choice. iTel S32 LTE is the improved version of the S32 and ranks high on our list of the best itel Phones.

The LTE version as the name suggests features LTE connectivity for faster internet browsing, uploads and downloads. It also has a bigger RAM size than the S32, offering 2GB of RAM. It is regarded as iTel’s first smartphone with 4G LTE and 2GB of RAM. Check out the Specs.

iTel S32 LTE 

4. itel S32 (N29,500)

This phone is literally on everyone lips at the moment, the S32 is affordable and classy as well. Boasting of 16GB internal storage space, dual 8MP + 2MP selfie camera and runs on Android 7.0 Nougat.

One thing that set this phone apart from others is its stunning light-weight design and the impressive wide-angle selfie camera.

iTel S32

5. itel S12 (N25,000)

After the S32, the S12 is another itel device currently trending for the right reasons. Maybe because they both sport dual selfie cameras. It features a 2400mAh battery, 5MP + 2MP selfie camera and 5MP rear camera.

itel S12

6. itel S31 (N28,450)

The S31 is the predecessor of the S32 and worthy to be one of the best itel phones to buy on Jumia. It has 16GB internal storage, 5MP selfie camera with a quad-core processor. Let’s check out the rest of the specs.

itel S31

7. iTel A15 ( N18,000)

The device looks like the other smartphones introduced recently by itel Mobile. It has a plastic rear cover that was designed to reflect light more beautifully. There’s no rear fingerprint scanner at the rear, this might be a little disappointing to some people.

The device measures about 8-9mm in thickness when you turn over to the sides. The rear camera and LED are horizontal at the top left corner, while the iTel logo takes the place of a fingerprint sensor. It was launched in Gold and Black colours.

itel A15

First-time users can also try out the A15, especially the version with 512MB of RAM. It runs on Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition so multitasking through light apps shouldn’t be a problem. Let’s find out more about this device.

8. itel it1556 Plus (N25,000)

The battery on this affordable device is why its one of the best itel phones around now. It boasts of a massive 5000mAh battery, 8GB internal storage and 5MP rear camera. Check out the specs.

itel it1556 Plus

9. itel A11 (N13,300)

The Mobile A11 is a low-end device with specs for light users or those on a low budget. It has 8GB internal storage, 512MB RAM and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

itel A11

Key Specs

・Display: 4.0-inch
・OS: Android 6.0
・Processor: 1.2GHz Quad-core
・Storage: 8GB ROM + 512MB RAM
・Camera: 2MP + 0.3MP
・Battery: 1500mAh

10. itel P51 (N28,500)

The P51 was nicknamed MaxPower because it’s a powerhouse, literally. Its highlight is the massive 5000mAh powering the device.

itel P51

Key Specs

・Display: 5.5-inch
・OS: Android 7.0
・Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core
・Storage: 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM
・Camera: 8MP + 2MP
・Battery: 5000mAh

11. itel Snap S11 (N25,000)

The Snap S11 is the predecessor of the S12 with average specs. But it is still one of the best itel phones and to buy on Jumia. It has 8GB internal storage, 5MP selfie camera and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

itel Snap S11

Key Specs

・Display: 5-inch
・OS: Android 6.0
・Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core
・Storage: 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM
・Camera: 5MP + 5MP
・Battery: 2400mAh

12. itel A51 (N22,000)

The A51 gives true value for money, get 16GB internal storage at that price. It also runs on Android 6.1 Marshmallow, sports 5MP rear camera and 2700mAh battery.

itel A51

Key Specs

・Display: 5.5-inch
・OS: Android 6.1
・Processor: 1.2GHz quad-core
・Storage: 16GB ROM + 1GB RAM
・Camera: 5MP + 2MP
・Battery: 2700mAh


We have come to the list of the best itel Phones in the market right now. They are all affordable smartphones that you can pick up on Jumia right now. I hope this list helps you make the right buying decision, lemme know in the comment section below which one is in your mind to buy and why?



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