10 Best Mobile Weight Loss Apps


The top 10 best mobile weight loss apps for weight loss regimes. Every January, most resolutions include promises to have a weight loss routine, visit the gyms, treadmills, ellipticals, etc but just like the tick of the clock, the gym soon returns to its normal state of isolation; within a month!

Generally, it is HARD to keep a resolution, living a healthy lifestyle is even HARDER. Demands from raising a family, work, friends’ handouts, and other challenges we are met with making it difficult for most people to count calories, make healthy food choices, and visit the gym as often as they want. Hence, the birth of mobile weight loss apps.

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Mobile weight loss apps make it easier to stick with your fitness goals. Tech enthusiasts have taken ample time to work on producing the best mobile weight loss apps that helps you create a miracle for yourself.

Here are  the Top 10  Best Mobile weight Loss Apps

There are too many brilliant apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices that can help you shed those extra pounds, however, the importance of healthy feeding cannot be over emphasised.

There is an old saying; perfect abs aren’t made in the gym, but are cooked up in the kitchen.

List of the best mobile weight loss apps

1. MyFitnessPal:  My personal favourite. It simplifies the process of counting calories. It is free and available on iOS, Android and even windows phone. You’ll start by telling the app about your weight, goal weight, gender, height, birth date and daily activity level. Then, the app will calculate how many calories you should eat each day.

2. 7 Minute Workout: 7 Minute Workout focuses on short bursts of fitness to get you moving. This is interval training, so prepare to work up a sweat in a short amount of time. There are 12 workouts to choose from, and the only equipment you need is a chair and a wall.

3. Fitbit: Fitbit lets you compete with friends, family members and others, in daily and weekly competitions.

4. Lose It: Lose It! has all the basic features you’d expect from a diet app, and then some. Set diet goals and track your progress in meeting them. There are social functions and the ability to view beautiful progress charts.

5. TheZombiesRun: It is one of the most interesting fitness app available today. Not only are you being told a story while running, you are living the story, as well as living the game. The app gives you “missions” to complete as your run, like picking up supplies (fake supplies, of course). Your mission takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, which means you will sometimes hear and be chased by zombies, and the game doesn’t end once your workout does. The virtual supplies you picked up on your run can be used to help strengthen your base and community to survive the hordes of zombies.

best mobile weight loss apps

6. RunKeeper: Using GPS, Runkeeper doesn’t just track how far you’ve gone on your route, but where you went, as well as your pace, calorie burn, and even elevation. You can set it up to get audio updates throughout your workout and connect the app to your heart rate monitor.

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7. Starva: Keeping active is a big part of weight management, and if cycling or running are your go-to exercises, Strava has a great app for you. Track all of the expected measurements including distance, speed, elevation, and calories burned, but also create and store your favorite routes for easy access.

8. Nike+Running: This app works for marathon runners and newbie joggers alike, tracking speed and distance by syncing with your phone’s GPS. You can log your miles and get feedback for every workout, as well as compete with friends using a leaderboard.

9. Nike+TrainingClub: Nike+ Training Club offers more than 100 workouts from Nike trainers and professional athletes. There is a serious social element too — with the ability to add and train virtually with friends, no matter where they are.

10. MapMyRun: With MapMyRun, map your route, track your activity, log your food, and share with friends. It is exercised packed, and it has to be my second favourite.

This write up is for the many people like me, who would rather exercise in the comfort of their homes because of their schedule. Download any of these apps in the links above, and feed us back on how we have greatly helped you.


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