20 Best Movie Streaming Apps for Android

Best Movie Streaming Apps for Android

Movies offer us an excellent opportunity to break the boredom — but what are the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android? Let’s find out!

We all love watching movies as our pastime. A well-crafted film can help us unwind after enduring a hectic day. Today, there are several ways through which you can watch movies without the need to visit the cinemas.

If you opt for the online route, to watch movies online on your Android, you first need to find movie streaming platforms, which will allow you to stream your favorite films with ease. To download movies, you first need to convert them to supported format as a result of the large size of media files.

The conversion process is not only difficult but also very time-consuming.  When some people consider the hassle that comes with getting a downloaded film optimized for a smartphone, they would simply shelve the thought of watching a movie.

The solution to this conundrum is to download apps for watching free movies, already optimized for your Android smartphones. Below, we offer you the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android:

Top Movie Streaming Apps for Android Smartphones and Tabs

With these free movie download apps, you will be to access various genres easily, including action, comedy, horror, documentary, crime, family, romance, adventure, and several others.

Movie HD

Movie HD

This software was designed in partnership with the developers of the HD Cinema & Sky HD apps, which means Movie HD is a quality app. The platform provides you with a vast collection of free movies, which come in a long list of genres.

You would love the fact that Movie HD supports Chromecast — with this feature, you will be able to directly stream any film you pick from your smartphone to a TV screen. Movie HD has over 20 different film categories that you can choose pick from, including popular TV shows, like the Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, etc.


This movie-streaming app is also an excellent piece of software, designed with a very user-friendly interface. It allows you to quickly navigate through its extensive digital collection, ensuring you don’t waste any time getting your favorite films.

Showbox’s main advantage is that it lets you download content to your device and store them for offline viewing later. It supports HD content, so you will be able to enjoy watching movies in stunning definition once your internet connection supports it.

Megabox HD

This app is a slightly relatively newer entrant in the market. Megabox HD is a great app, with over 50,000 users all around the world. The platform has a staggering 60,000 titles, offering an extensive collection of films to choose from.

Megabox HD lets you download titles to be stored for watching later. The downside of this app is, it streams some commercial adverts and will not work with an ad-blocking program.

Playbox HD

PlayBox HD is one of the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android. You would soon see why.

The software, which was formerly called CinemaBox, underwent a transformation in the last few years. The mobile app, under its new name, now has a diverse collection of movies. However, the best part is, it does not require registration.

So, PlayBox HD could be the best choice if you want to download films without signing up.

Furthermore, the technical issues that marred its first inception have now been fixed, allowing you to watch movies wherever and whenever they like.


This is a trendy app, especially sports lovers that regularly stream matches and games on their smartphone. Mobdro comes with a range of compelling features.

It’s a quick and easy means for Android users to gain access to blockbuster movies, TV shows, sports coverage, in addition to cable channels. Though just a tiny proportion of its content is available in HD, this app is helpful when you are away from home and seek to keep tabs on your favorite content.

The fact that it is not owned by any of the primary providers, means there are fewer restrictions on the titles you are allowed to watch.


This app is slightly different from the other movie streaming Android software since it’s run & managed by a non-profit organization. Kodi was designed by the XBMC Foundation, and the same company now supervises its constant development.

Kodi isn’t a static, fixed platform as it’s always getting tweaked, changed, and updated by expert coders worldwide. Since Kodi’s inception in 2003, more than 503 software developers and over 202 translators have contributed to its journey.

Essentially, the app turns any smartphone, tab, or computer into a streamable set-top box, enabling movies to be played from larger TV screens. Like Mobdro, it is not owned by any of the major providers and is not governed by any licensing rights, meaning you can watch pretty much anything with the right tools.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is another great platform to watch free movies on your Android as it is regularly updated. But you need to note it’s a relatively new resource and will take some time to climb to the heights of ShowBox or MegaBox HD.

On Popcorn Flix, you will find only 700 titles, which could seem a lot to you; however, this library pales in comparison with the larger & more firmly established platforms. The good thing about Popcorn Flix is its content collection, as mentioned earlier, is constantly updated.

You can use simple navigation tools for categorizing movies based on genre, release date, themes, etc. This software is definitely is one of the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android.


Though TubiTV may not be among the most well-known apps, it comes with a number of cool features. The app has over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store, meaning it has a lot of promise.

TubiTV offers you more than 40,000 films and TV shows. It even has different categories for genres, such as martial arts films and stand-up comedy. TubiTV’s collection is updated on a regular basis, with a series of tweaks made to improve the service constantly.


This is another popular movie streaming platform, offering you the opportunity to enjoy top of the line content without paying a dime. It features several high-profile releases and boasts one of the most expansive anime collections anywhere online.

On Viewster, we have more than 20,000 anime shows, movies, and shorts, making it a goldmine for movie freaks.

You won’t need to register to download titles, and this app will provide you with all kinds of information on the content of your interest. It includes different categories, such as bios, trailers, movie news, and so on. Because the Viewster app is a big hit across Europe, you will see tons of documentaries and foreign flicks on it as well.


This free movie app is compatible with virtually all devices, making Crackle a popular choice with diehard film & TV fans. Recently, a great feature of the app has been discontinued, which means you can’t download and store content any longer.

The app, however, still has a lot to offer.

To use Crackle, no need to register or sign in, so you are not required to supply your personal details. The app offers a diverse collection of titles. Crackle’s streaming capabilities — according to user reviews — are extremely high level and seldom disrupted.

This is a claim that even the primary streaming providers cannot always make.

Yidio TV

The Yidio TV app is quite unique as it works as a type of search engine for online content. The software doesn’t host movies but directs you to the platforms, where you can find films for free streaming.

To get started, launch the Yidio TV app; search for a movie; then, a list of possible streaming sites will show up, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Showtime, etc.

Looking at these services, you will see not all the content is free.

Also, if you are directed to a website that requires a paid membership, such as Netflix or Hulu, you will have to sign up.

Yidio TV allows you to download many free movies and TV shows, making it deserving of a place as one of the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android.

Snag Films

This software is recommended for you if you get frustrated with surfing Netflix and similar digital collections. Snag Films offers you suggestions according to your viewing habits, so after making use of the app for a little while, you will enjoy fully personalized service.

Further, a huge proportion of the titles the app provides can be streamed in 720 or 1080p. The app lets you add fascinating movies & TV shows to a queue and then come back to watch them later. You will find this a handy tool, ensuring that you will never again have to wander through loads of content to enjoy a Friday night movie.

Simply sign in to your free account and go through your saved suggestions.


Netflix is a big name in the movie streaming industry. As you may be aware, it is not technically free to use. However, Netflix.com gives you a free one-month trial as a new member.

The basic membership starts at $8, and for this tiny monthly fee, you will be given access to one of the largest & most diverse collections of content on the Internet.

Netflix is the giant of digital streaming for a reason, and this is simply because everything works. You won’t encounter any unwanted ads, and buffering issues are also rare.

On Netflix, you get to enjoy everything from the best Bollywood flicks to classics, golden oldies, arthouse gems, and tons of others.


YouTube is definitely one of the biggest streaming platforms out there with several millions of users worldwide. It is a valuable resource that offers you free movies and TV shows across many genres, be it action, comedy, romance, sci-fi, crime, adventures, drama, and many others.

Tons of movies have been uploaded to the YouTube platform in their entirety. But due to the complex copyright issues, sometimes, you will find that newer titles are instantly removed.

You can check whether the movie you need has been uploaded to YouTube.

Terrarium TV

The Terrarium Tv app is a 3rd-party tool, meaning it does not directly host the content. Instead, it offers you a search function, which will help you locate nearly any movie, TV show. Or documentary.

Once the content is found, you will get a list of possible sources. It is then up to you to go through the provided links to find a stream, which is decent enough.

The Terrarium TV app is yet another cool alternative to Showbox, offering Android users a great option for streaming their best movies and TV shows online completely for free.


Hulu.com shares many similarities with Netflix. However, it does not boast the same international status that the latter has yet.

Hulu is trendy in the US. However, it’s still relatively unknown in the United Kingdom and European nations. This is mainly due to the fact that while Hulu provides many of the same titles, Netflix offers significantly more content to select from.

On Hulu, there are no ads, and the majority of the movies & TV shows are available for streaming in 720p HD. The app is the right app for you if you seek to lay your hands on full boxsets. But you need to note that it has no 1080p HD streams, and you are required to subscribe in order to gain access to the content on multiple devices, just like Netflix.

Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box is currently one of the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android users. The software also offers tons of amazing titles for free download.

It contains ads, which you may not like, but its collection of movies is great. Its library is updated on a regular basis.

Many of the titles on Bobby Movie Box can be streamed in full HD. Also, the app comes with a simple-to-understand and bright user interface, which is quite pleasant to interact with.

Cartoon HD

In 2013, this platform was at the center of a minor controversy after Apple decided to stop featuring it on the store. Cartoon HD is now back following a makeover and some major changes.

The Cartoon HD app used to work in the same way as Popcorn Time (reviewed below) as it did not host the content but provided good links to sites where it could be streamed. The newly updated app now comes with a little more traditional features and has a fully hosted digital collection, available to members that register for a free account.

Cartoon HD offers a diverse selection of movies as well as TV titles, with more focus on the US market.

Popcorn Time

This software is among the newest free movie and TV apps as it recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary. In spite of this, it manages to compete with many of the more established players in the industry, and its number of users is growing daily.

Popcorn Time is a solid option for you if you need a little bit more from your streaming service as you have the option of upgrading from a free to a premium membership if you so desire.

Also, you would love the fact that buffering issues are rare, even if your internet connection is relatively slow. Since Popcorn Time sources content from other torrent sites, you may need to consider using it with a VPN.

Newest Movies HD

This app — though with relatively low popularity — has a whopping 50,000 titles. It features an expansive selection of genres & categories, so you are always spoiled for choice using the app.

To ensure your search is easier, Newest Movies HD provides filters, such as most watched, highest rated, critically acclaimed, etc. The drawback of the app is, there’s been some talk of compatibility issues as well as occasional software malfunctions.

At the moment, the Newest Movies HD software is one of the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android. Like most of the tools above, it also allows you to download content and watch it later, whenever you like.

It offers an exciting and unexpectedly vast anime collection that will surely delight you if you fancy the anime genre.

Wrapping up

The tech for streaming content online has become more efficient, cheaper, and consequently more popular. This development is introducing a lot of changes in the ways users watch movies and TV shows.

Nowadays, a sizeable percentage of diehard movie fans all around the world only visit cinemas occasionally. Instead, they now stream their favorite movies on their Android smartphones or tabs.

There are thousands of platforms on the market that let you stream movies, TV shows, and documentaries. While some of them offer exorbitant charges to use their services, others do not have quality features and capabilities which users will find impressive.

In the heart of today’s post, we have reviewed the 20 best movie streaming apps for Android. Highlighting their pros and cons, we looked at the features these apps offer Android users. Some of these apps we examined Movie HD, Showbox, Playbox HD, Mobdro, Kodi, and 15 others.

What is your experience using any of these pieces of software? Please, let’s hear your view in the comment section.


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