10 Best News Apps for Android and iOS


In today’s ever-changing digital world, staying abreast of latest information and news on happenings all around the globe has now become extremely easy with a plethora of news aggregator apps, offered on Android and iOS mobile phones. Now, you needn’t rely on newspapers, tabloids, and even radio/TV broadcast any longer to read unbiased news, delivered right on your nifty news app.

That’s the good news. The bad news? There are tons of news applications on App Store and Play Store, and selecting the best out of them can be overwhelming. This is why you will find handy our list of 10 best news apps for Android and iOS.

Best News Apps for Android and iOS

Google News

Formerly known as Play Newsstand, Google News has established itself as the go-to app for latest content in the news feed, delivered through AI techniques. It offers you full coverage of all news stories, where the same story is reported by different publishers, who highlight all the viewpoints; and in the “For you” tab, you can find top headlines and news developments that are relevant and essential. Also, its personalized news list is curated based on your activity on Google-owned platforms. But occasionally, un-following some news sources can be laborious owing to Google’s intuitive approach for delivering breaking news. Google News app offers ad-free news stories and is compatible with both Android andiOS.

Download Google News from the Play Store

Download Google News from App Store

Microsoft News

Microsoft News, which formerly operated with the appellation, MSN news, provides users with a smooth experience with its structured design, making it extremely easy to navigate through the app. If you sign up with a Microsoft account, you will be able to enjoy personalized news, which will be synced over other Microsoft platforms, including MSN.com and Internet Edge news feed. You’ve the option of selecting the news edition from various countries under the “Setting” tab. Microsoft News also comes with Night mode but you need to keep an eye on sponsored ads because the layout makes it extremely hard to spot any difference between an organic news article and a sponsored one.

Download Microsoft News from the Play Store

Download Microsoft News from App Store


Coming right up is Flipboard news aggregator; no other app in this category on the Play Store and App Store matches Flipboard with respect to style and aesthetic appeal. It is designed with an elegant magazine-like user interface and offers a print-style page layout, which makes it stress-free to navigate. Flipboard analyzes the news you visit often and give you similar stories. It even lets you add news articles to its custom-made magazine to read later if you don’t have enough time on your hands at the moment. It also allows you follow your friends’ activity and comes with other features, such as “See less new stories like this” and “Mute Site” to view lesser stories from a news source. However, one of the major downsides of this app is, you cannot remove similar news stories in your news feed.

Download Flipboard from the Play Store

Download Flipboard from App Store

Apple News

Apple News-Best News Apps for Android and iOS

Apple News is one of the apps that come pre-installed on all iOS mobile devices. Just like the majority of other Apple apps, it is not available on Android-powered smartphones and tabs. This app puts a great emphasis on images and quick-loading videos, and publications — like The New York Times and National Geographic — have entered intoa partnership with Apple to make their news content readily available to users.Apple News lets you follow trends or individual topics, which rangefrom politics to select niche topics.

BBC News

Westminster, London-based BBCnews channel is well reputed for presenting non-sensational, unbiased news; forthis reason, the BBC News app remains highly rated in this category on the PlayStore and App Store alike. The software provides news feed in various layout options and shows the most recent reports from all countries with just a single tap. The news feed section also extends a live- streaming news channel, whichis right within the app itself. BBC News lets you adjust notification settings and switch off background syncing. It is among the few news apps that give you control over data shared by the app; in other words, you can switch off “sharing stats”if you do not want any personalized results.

Download BBC News from the Play Store

Download BBC News from App Store


Reddit-Best News Apps for Android and iOS

Reddit News Feed is perfect for you if you seek a good mix of fascinating news andentertainment. The platform serves as a combination of social media, newsaggregator, as well as message boards, which offers a unique and thrillingexperience for readers. The app lets you subscribe to specific Reddit topics,create subreddits, and sort out any content based on freshness, popularity, controversial,and others. Reddit boasts the most engaged community and even offers you a chatoption.

Download Reddit app from the Play Store

Download Reddit app from App Store

AOL — News, Mail & Video

AOL-News Mail & Video

Also known as America online, AOL has over the years established itself as a reputable news source. The news aggregator, which is both compatible with Android and iOS, is popular for presenting strong opinions and offering unbiased news. AOL incorporates various tabs for e-mail, as well as videos, and comes with its own search, which is powered by Bing. The app also gives you daily forecast and can be synced across Web and iOS.

Download AOL app from the Play Store

Download AOL app from App Store

Smart News

Smart News analyzes millions of news articles every second and groups them, effectively, under each topic. It allows you to customize delivery time (4 slots) in the notification settings if you prefer to get headline reports at regular intervals. The apps comes with smart news mode displays news articles with minimal graphics, which helps you in maintaining smooth experience, even when network is slow.

Download Smart News app from the Play Store

Download Smart News app from App Store


Feedly is seen as Google Reader’s successor. This RSS news feed app is ideal for you if you have trust in certain news sources only and don’t like being bombarded with news, sourced from cosmetic brands. It is extremely fast in updating content and lets you fine-tune the app, depending on your style and needs. Simply search for a news source, or you can copy the link to subscribe to it. While the Feedly app provides some suggestions, it does not center around it.

Download Feedly app from the Play Store

Download Feedly app from App Store

InShorts — 60 words news summary

This is a start-up from Indian, which is gradually emerging as a news app capable of rivaling other leading options in this category with its unique concept of news delivery. It presents a summary of your news in less than sixty (60) words and, in the process, ensures that it stays objective and non-sensationalized. InShorts offers a “MyFeed” tab that contains news based on your needs.

Download InShorts app from the Play Store

Download InShorts app from App Store

We have come to the end of our review of the best news apps for Android and iOS platforms. What do you think about our ranking?


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