Best Packing list Apps for iPhone


Everyone travels once in while and some people do so more often than others. Different people travel for different reasons which includes work, business, leisure, tour and the rest. Regardless of what your reason for travel is, all travellers have one thing in common – packing.

Packing can also be fun, that is of course if you successfully pack everything you’ll be needing on your journey. This is usually a lot harder than it sounds. People tend to forget one or two things when they travel and for some, it can be something they can do without till they get back while for others, they’ll have to go back just to get that stuff. To avoid the stress, packing apps come into play to make your life a whole lot more easier.

Best Packing List Apps For iPhone

Packing List Checklist

Best Packing List Apps For iPhone

Packing List Checklist just like this name says is a checklist app for packing. The app provides you with a items suggestions you can add to your own packing list if you find it useful. Items added to your list will be automatically sorted so as to help make your packing process a whole lot easier.

You can also create your Category and add or remove things with just a swipe. The app is feature packed and it also has a clean user interface. If you’re packing to go anywhere then you should definitely download the app to make packing easier. The app is available on iPhone and iPad and is free to download and use. However, you can get more features like the ability to uncheck all items at once through in-app purchases.

Packr Travel Packing Checklist

Packr Travel Packing Checklist is one of the best packing apps you can’t help but have on your iPhone or iPad if you travel frequently. The app has a very clean and minimalist interface and tons of features to help pack right. First off, you get to put your travel date and the app presents you with a weather forecast so as to know how you should dress because the weather might slightly affect your dress style. You can then go on to create your packing list by activities like hiking, beach etc or by items like essentials(toiletries etc).

It also keeps track of your packed and unpacked items and recommends nearby attractions for you to check out when you get to destination among other things. There are so many other features in the app that are geared towards helping you pack and Making your travel experience better. Although the app is a free app, You can also get even more features through an in-app purchase.

Packing Pro

Packing Pro is also another exceptional packing app for iPhone and iPad, mostly because it’s not free. The app cost about $2.99 and for that you get a whole lot of features in the app which is ad-free and also free of in-app purchases. On this app, you can make a list of items and also add some details to the item like choose the quantity, mark the item as something you need to buy, set the item as priority or even include a note among other things.

You can also add to-do lists of things you would like to do before your trip, during your trip and After your trip. When you’re done with all the listing and editing, you can simply sync it iCloud so as to export it on your iPhone and maybe import it on an iPad connected to the same iCloud account. Packing Pro to me is worth the money for the features it has and $2.99 is pretty reasonable for an ad-free full fledged packing app.


These are the best packing apps for iPhone you can use to make your traveling experience a lot easier and better. Don’t worry about forgetting a thing, let your phone do the heavy lifting and keep track of everything you’ll need on your trip.


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