Best Picture to Text Converters for Smartphone Users

Best Picture to Text Converters

Normally it’s pretty much difficult for the smartphone users to extract useful information from an image. When you have use your smartphone for professional work, the files are needed to retype, or the images are required to convert in the text format.

There are online tools available that help mobile users to continently change the information of a picture into text form. These tasks are quite time-consuming and effort-taking tasks. To make this working speedy, online tools are used that are named as the picture to text converters. These digital tools not only convert the image into text format but also, convert the documents like the pdf document in the editable text format.

Best Picture to Text Converters

The picture to text convertors, as the name describes, is meant to convert the image to text. Such tools have tremendous features of an image OCR. These tools are really easy to use, handle, free and available online. Below is the top picture to text converters that can help you in saving your time and maximizing the efficiency of your working capabilities. Following are the tools that smartphone users can easily access from their smartphone browser to convert a picture into text form.


When you search for the tools to convert image to text in a smartphone, you will get the Prepostseo picture to text converter on one of the top-ranked. Mobile phone users can enjoy the following features of it.

  • Free of cost
  • It doesn’t have to pay the registration fee
  • It supports uploading of the unlimited files
  • You can eve upload the books on it
  • Simple procedure does not contain a large number of steps
  • The data will remain safe and sound
  • Advanced technology
  • Speed in the provision of the results
  • Privacy remains protected by the direct removal of the field after the usage
  • It supports the mathematical equations of the file for extraction
  • It supports a large number of different fonts and styles
  • Efficiency in reviewing the file and providing an accurate result
  • It provides the option to download it, as in the case of copy-paste, the files lost sometimes
  • Copy to the clipboard, the option is present as well, which means if the user does not want to download the file, so you can use it directly.

Prepostseo is amazing in providing the technological tools for smartphone users that facilitate the working of the users and saves a lot of time and effort. In the digital world, tasks are done with shortcuts and formulas. Prepostseo is an online website which has gathered all the possible tools at one place like the educational tools, search engine optimization tools, business tools. All these tools are 100 % free.

Python Picture to Image Converter

Python is a tool smartphone users to convert image to text by adding the file on the tool. After getting the result, click on the speaker button, it speaks the extracted material loud for its better understanding. Python provides four libraries for its better functioning, which are:

  • Google trans library – this library is free and implements the Google Translate API.
  • Pyttsx3 library – this library of python is for the conversion of text to speech. It works offline.
  • Python imaging library – IPL is a library that provides the capability of image processing to the python for interpretation.
  • Pytesseract – this library is a Google-sponsored one that has the features for optical character recognition.

These four libraries working enable the python picture to text converter tool for its offered functions. Python is a speedy outcome provider tool that saves the additional time for other work.

LightPDF Picture to Text Converter

It is an amazingly reviewed web-based tool. This image OCR tool supports multiple major languages to convert image to text like French, English, Japanese, and Italian. The built-in optical character recognition features enable this conversion for various file formats. The files of jpg, pdf, png formats are allowed to convert images to text. In such types of tasks, privacy is essential to maintain the files are confidential. So it generates pressure on the workers of the office that they cannot take a risk on any tool.

  • It supports the poor quality images as well to convert image to text
  • It supports poorly scanned images as well
  • The low-resolution images conversion in the editable text is achievable
  • The faded and poorly written fonts can be accessed.
  • It supports mobile pictures for the conversion.
  • No installation required

This picture to text converter is superb for use as it takes up the client document’s privacy. The documents do not get leaked from the tool. The interface is easy and simple to make sure that users do not find any difficulty in operating it.


If you want the efficient results of extraction form picture to text, then use this tool. This picture to text tool with image OCR features is amazing in providing high-quality results. The supported file formats of this tool include png, PGM, jpg, PBM, TIF, ppm. The language list provided by the i2OCR is 60. This language range is quite large, thus facilitating a large number of users.

The simple interface is a blessing for the user that has very little knowledge of technology because the operation is so easy to use. Insertion of the image file can be done in two ways, and output can be achieved in multiple ways. Before downloading the result file, the file can be previewed. The resulted file of text is now available for the editing on the google doc.


This tool provides a large range of languages for conversion and recognition purposes. The provided languages are 122 in number. This tool is free and does not even demand any fee at the start like the registration or membership fee.

Summing up content:

The wise person is one who does his work smartly instead of working hard. The picture to text converter tools make your work quicker and faster than before by saving providing results in just a few moments. It takes hours for retyping the data, and if there is more than one file, then it will take a much longer time and also makes the person tiring. To save this time, the picture to text tools is used and the spared time can be used in the productive activity.


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