20 Best Sites to Watch and Stream Live Matches Online Free


We all love free things — free data, free food, free ride, even free apps; for lovers of sports, here are the 20 best sites to watch and stream live sports online free.

Of the world’s population, which stands at around 7.6 billion, a sizable percentage of people all around the globe love watching one type of sports or the other. It has now become somewhat old-fashioned and jejune sitting in front of your TV and watching your sport.

What has brought about such a transition? It is due to the massive rate of development of the online Football streaming facility. Today, instead of sitting in one place to watch your favorite sport on your TV, you can check the various streaming websites available on the Internet.

These services let you watch your best sporting events and programs in any part of the world, at any time you want. In this article, we have handpicked the 20 best sites to watch and stream live sports online free.

Top Free 20 Sports Streaming Websites

WatchESPN Play

Top Free 20 Sports Streaming Websites

You would have surely heard about the ESPN sports channel. Initially an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, ESPN is a US-based basic cable sports channel, which is owned by ESPN Inc., and which is jointly owned by The Walt Disney Company (80 per cent share) and Hearst Communications (20 per cent).

The company was established by Bill Rasmussen, his son Scott Rasmussen & Ed Egan in 1979. It is no doubt one of the best free live streaming sites to enjoy watching your favorite sports team.

The platform features a spectacular user interface, and even though it’s free, there are no ads to disrupt your viewing pleasure. But the site only streams only US sports.


Stream2Watch.cc is another great sports streaming website, allowing you to live stream all kind of sports. It offers you live sports streaming for any game, match, or tournament, which is broadcast on TV channels.

On Stream2Watch.cc, you get to enjoy full Season broadcast of any football, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball, handball, UFC, and boxing events. To get started, simply make use of the search option to find your team, league or television channel. Alternatively, you can browse the sports or TV category.

Games & matches are manually updated daily and also checked. To get the best stream quality & performance, you can use the Google Chrome browser only.

All Sports LIVE

All Sports LIVE is ideal for sports fans in Russia. The site lets you watch different sports, including football, hockey as well as tennis. You would find its overall performance quite impressive.

For the best experience, consider using the Google translator as it’s like that it’ll live stream in a different language other than English.

FirstRow Sports

The FirstRow Sports site is also a cool option to stream live sports free of charge. The most fascinating feature of the website is, if your internet connection is slow, you can simply check the scorecard that offers you live scores.

However, you’ll see several ads in every click. To prevent these, we recommend using an ad-blocker.


Streamwoop will let you stream live sports without paying a dime. It is an excellent tool for streaming sports events, including Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Racing, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, Golf, and others. Like the other platforms already reviewed above, you can make use of the search box to find any games or matches you would like to watch.

VIP League

VIP League is a free website to stream live matches and games of Football, Cricket, Cycling, Hockey, Nascar, and other sporting events. The site comes with multilingual support, like English, Francis, Deutsch, and so on.

It allows you to change the theme as well as your time zone quickly. VIP League homepage is categorized into various sections, including Football, Baseball, Basketball, and others. Also, it lets you keep an eye on upcoming sports events using the timetable feature on the site.


BOSSCAT is another nice platform for live stream. Its most amazing feature is, you can choose your own time zone. The app allows you to stream live sports, like Soccer, Rugby, F1, and others.

Also, BOSSCAT offers you an online chatting option through which you can chat with other users around the world, with interest in the same sport.


Designed with a user-friendly interface, FromHot is one of the 20 best sites to watch and stream live sports online free. The site lets you stream events, like Football, Tennis, Hockey, Cycling, Basketball, Golf, Baseball, MotorSports, and so on.

Like VIP League and BOSSCAT, FromHot also allows you to choose your time zone. On the platform, you will also be able to watch numerous live streaming matches at zero cost. The site also offers you a live chat widget for interacting with other live streamers.

Sony LIV Sports

Sony LIV Sports

Sony LIV Sports comes with the basic packages in the typical live stream platforms — easy-to-use UI, an array of free sports events to watch, and a search option to find games and matches to stream. It has cross-platform support, designed in an app and website versions, which work smoothly on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC (Windows and Mac).

Hotstar Sports

Hotstar app is mainly popular for its live sports streaming cricket and Indian sports. Apart from sporting events, you can also watch or download different TV series, movies, and several other Indian hot trending streams. All at no cost.


LIVETV.SX is yet another famous website for the live sports stream. The site boasts of a huge number of audience as it has different unique features, such as multi-language support, minimal UI that continues to change based on users’ suggestions.

Apart from these, LIVETV.SX offers you a wide range of sports to stream live. It lets you choose a sport by hitting the corresponding icon of a sport from the sidebar. The site broadcasts the bulk of the sports in high-definition (HD) quality, offering crystal-clear and sharp content.

The website features a scorecard on the right-hand side to help you in a situation where you are unable to watch your favorite sport.



Loala1 is one of the 20 best sites to watch and stream live sports online free even it is grossly underrated. The website lets you watch all your favorite sports right in the same place, without the need to switch sites to stream various sports.

The platform comes with a nice interface, enabling you to navigate easily through your favorite sport. It is also among the cleanest-looking sites with only a handful of ads running on the sidebar, which will not nag as you watch sports.

On Loala1, you will notice that each and every sport has its own forum. This helps in building and gathering up a community of like minds. Further, it enables the site to enhance user retention.


This is a cool site for sports lovers that prefer to watch US-based sports. While CRICFREE primarily covers US-based sports, they also cover other sports varieties.

It starts updating these sporting events and programs depending on the popularity of the sport. The site sports a neat UI with a simple design, making you feel comfortable and ensuring you spend more time on the site.

Because it covers all the US-based sports, it is possible that CRICFREE gets blocked several times by many governments. When this happens, you can easily unblock by making use of any free or paid VPN service.


SPORTS LEMON shares many features with the other sites on this list which also has all the features of other sites in this compilation of the 20 best sites to watch and stream live sports online free.

It is almost impossible to come across dead links on the site, since the admins are keen about updating links to sports events. Apart from this, the service is among the most reliable sites via you can watch all matches and games going on around you.

STREAM SPORTS: Stream NFL Games for Free

This site has a number of unique features that make it stand out of the pack. It is surprisingly free of ads and comes with highly responsive navigation, just like we have in many premium websites.

You would find it incredible to find out that it is a free site because it doesn’t have any pop-up and intrusive advertisements, like all the other sites. However, this platform does not cover several varieties of sports. This is one of its downsides.

However, if something is trending online, you can stream it with ease on the site, regardless of the specific country sport or category.

Batman Stream

Batman Stream is among the readily available sports streaming websites on the Internet. It lets you stream several varieties of sports, such as football, baseball, rugby, basketball, and so on. For sports lovers in India, it supports several Indian games.

Batman Stream comes with attractive design & layout, offering a pleasant viewing experience.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a sports streaming website and also a sports world, allowing you to find many latest sports news, exclusive videos, interviews, and lots more. To get started, you need to sign up for your favorite sport on the site, and you will be sent the latest news on the sport in your mailbox.

Of course, this subscription is free of charge. CBS Sports comes with a neat and modern design, makes it very smooth to navigation through it.


This is an attractive-looking site that allows you to watch live sports as well as highlights. It is a reliable platform to keep tabs on your best sporting games and matches, including baseball, tennis, volleyball, cricket, handball, and much more.

FOTTY WIRE has an elegant and responsive design, giving it a unique appeal from other websites. To find your favorite sport, use the search bar.

Stream Hunter

Stream Hunter comes with modest features to stream different sports, be it rugby, handball, volleyball, golf, and several others. However, it does not have reliable servers that can hold the website, a downside that gives you a poorer experience in comparison with the other sites.

It is okay to check out if you cannot find your favorite sports on the other more reliable websites for live stream.



Coming right up is Yahoo Sports. It is ideal during a situation where you are not interested in streaming your favorite sport but only want to keep tabs on the sport. Yahoo Sports offers you each and every single information, update on matches and games for free.

The site features news, highlights, videos, community and others. It’s easy to use & highly responsive. You can always make use of the search bar to find information on any sporting events.

Wrapping up

In the nitty-gritty of today’s post, we have reviewed the features of the 20 best sites to watch and stream live sports online free. With the pieces of info in this article, you now know where to find online platforms to enjoy watching games and matches of your favorite sports teams.

Whether you are a lover of football, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, boxing, cycling, etc. you can choose any of these apps to get yourself entertained watching live games right on your smartphone, tab or PC.


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