Best Tablet Browsers for Android Devices

Best Tablet Browsers for Android Devices in 2021

In this article, I will be listing the best tablet browsers for Android right now. One of the reasons we get a tablet is to be able to browse on a bigger screen to enable us to read well without blinking. Having a good browser on your tablet is essential, you need the one that will help you load pages faster.

Overall, a good browser on your tablet will significantly improved your browsing experience and save the time you navigate through the app. The apps are very easy to use, they store your passwords making it easy to re-login into your favourite sites. That’s not all, these apps come with lots of features as well. Without further ado, these are the best tablet browsers for Android right now.

5 Best Tablet Browsers for Android

1. Google Chrome

This should already be pre-installed on your tablet, but just in case you couldn’t find it, then you need to download it asap. It is the most popular browser app for Android with millions of downloads on the Google Play Store. It opens pages better in desktop mode than any other browser app. All you need to do is have a Google account and you can enjoy the full potential of this app. It also syncs the tabs in your bookmark and remembers your details like usernames and passwords.

2. Chromer

It is one of the Android browser apps with more unique features. Chromer does not really work the way a typical browser does; what it does is that it acts as a launcher for Chrome Custom Tabs. By hijacking web links and opening them in a stand-alone Chrome Custom Tab, this app makes your browsing experience an easy and quick one. To enjoy the full features of Chromer, you will have to install Chrome on your tablet. Chromer is undoubtedly one of the best tablet browsers for Android.

3. Dolphin Browser

This browser was introduced just 5 years ago and it has over a million downloads already. It boasts of flash support, theming, incognito mode, ad-block and other premium features like add-ons as well as extension support. With Dolphin Sonar, Gesture browsing and Webzine you’re in for an experience while browsing online. With the app, you can search for things using voice inputs and bookmark pages using finger gestures as well.

4. Firefox

Created by Mozilla, Firefox comes with unique features you won’t find on any other browser. Apart from the typical browsing of web pages, this app is perfect for streaming live video of yourself on websites using your tablet. It supports lots of extensions, which are third-party tools useful for improving the browsing experience and bringing premium features to mobile. Other features on Firefox includes Adblock Plus, password manager, text-to-speech functionality, and lots more.

5. UC Browser

This iconic browser is one of the most popular on Android. One of its unique features is the ability to go forward or backward of up to 5 pages without loading (saving you a lot of data). It also has a powerful ad-blocker and news section that gives you breaking news happening in your country immediately you open the app. You can also change the background and theme, with an option for night mode available as well. UC Browser is also famous for its fast downloading and uploading speeds.


There you have it guys, the best tablet browsers for Android. These apps let you open web pages quickly and save your data. They also have night mode, incognito mode, and lots more.

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