Best Unzip and Zip File Extractor Apps for iPhone and iPad

Unzip and Zip File Extractor Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here if you an owner of iPhone and iPad, I will be listing the best Unzip and Zip File Extractor Apps you should have. The iOS platform found on iPhone and iPad has many capabilities and features and with each update, more features are being added. However, till this day, iOS still isn’t able to interact with various files like Zip, Rar, Tar and the rest.

This has led numerous iPhone and iPad users to the Apple App store in search of an app to do this. Obviously, there are a lot of third-party apps available on the app store, I mean the best Unzip and Zip File Extractor Apps that are worth downloading. We’ve made a list of the best from which you can choose one.

Best Unzip And Zip File Extractor Apps for iPhone And iPad

iZip Pro

iZip Pro like every other app on this list is an archive app which lets users interact and extract files from some of the most popular archive formats which include Zip, Rar and even password protected Zip files just to name a few.

You can also create your own zip with or without Plain password or AES password. Asides from being able to extract files from almost all the archives format out there it can also compress any file. The app can also print documents and open the files from different apps. This app is a must-have for any iPhone or iPad user who deals with archive files.

Download iZip Pro


Unzip and Zip File Extractor Apps for iPhone and iPad

WinZip is a cross-platform file extractor Which means it is also available for both iOS and Android and ranks high among the best Unzip and Zip File Extractor Apps for iPhone and iPad. The app is one of the best file extractors on this list with its wide range of file formats it can extract which includes almost, if not all file formats available. With this app, you’re guaranteed to be able to extract any file format that comes your way. You can also compress using this app too. WinZip also features a browser which lets you see the contents of a file before you extract it which is very useful. It also has seamless integration with various cloud storage like OneDrive, iCloud and Dropbox so you can back up your files to the cloud. Overall, the app has a nice interface, has so many features and works well. I will Definitely, recommend this one.

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Zip & Rar File Extractor

Zip & Rar File Extractor has the basic features one would expect from a file extractor app; ability to Unzip various file formats including the password protected ones and also the ability to compress and zip files too. However, you can not do all that automatically unlike on the other apps on this list which is kind of a problem for some.

If you’re looking to overlook this and also the fact an ad might pop up here and there while using the app then the app is a very good and simple app with clean and minimalist design. You can also go for the pro version to stop the ads from popping up.

Download Zip & File Extractor


These best Unzip and Zip File Extractor Apps listed here are by far the best file extractor apps I’ve used and if you don’t like any of the above listed them you can try out more which are readily available on the apple app store; some free and some paid. Hopefully, Apple includes the app or make files app able to Unzip and File files in a future update so we can do away with the third-party apps.


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