Best Workout Apps to Stay Fit and Healthy

Six Pack In 30 Days

This article is about the best workout apps for fitness. If you’re looking to stay fit and healthy, then you definitely need a workout app for your device. Workout apps are a very good and inexpensive way to stay fit and healthy. The workouts are mostly free to use so there is that and this way, you get to work out at your own pace without anyone looking at you funny or a gym instructor breathing down your neck. Before we begin, I’ll just like to add that getting a fitness band won’t be such a bad idea if you’re looking to keep fit for a long or if it is a lifestyle for you. They have so many features that will make your workouts a lot easier but I digress so let’s get right back to it.

Best Workout Apps


Strava-Best Workout Apps to stay Fit and Healthy in 2019

Strava is a fitness app that is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. It is one of the best workout apps to stay fit. The app is mainly for runners and cyclists as it helps you keep track and analyze things like distance, pace, speed, elevation gained and calories burned. However, other sports such as Swimming, Hiking, Yoga, Kayaking, and a lot more can also be tracked and analyzed using the app. You can also push yourself with the monthly challenges by competing against others. Overall, the app is good and definitely a great way to start your fitness journey with just basic fun activities.

Download Strava for Android and iOS

Six Pack In 30 Days – Abs Workout

Six Pack In 30 Days

From the name of the App you already have a clue what this workout app focuses on. If you feel you’re already in good shape and just want to work on your abs then this app is definitely for you as it ranks high among the best workout apps. Six pack in 30 Days gives you a workouts plan for your abs with different goals which include just losing belly fat, rock hard abs, and six-pack abs. From the options, you can choose the one you want and get to work in order to achieve it. All workouts can be done at home and you don’t need any types of equipment. You can also workout at your own pace till you get the kinda abs you want. Most importantly, the app is free.

Download Six Pack In 30 Days – Abs Workout for Android and iOS

Noom: Health & Weight

Noom doesn’t need an introduction and if you aren’t new to workouts and fitness then you might have come across or heard about them. Noom is a scientifically recognized weight loss solution with users who reportedly lose about 18 in just 16weeks, most of which manage to keep that weight off for the next year. So if you’re looking to shed a lot of weight then look no further than Noom as it is more than capable to get the job done. Noom has been featured in the New York Times, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes and ABC with over 10M+ Downloads on the Google Play store along. Its record speaks for itself.

Download Noom: Health & Weight for Android & iOS



Headspace isn’t a workout app per se but it is worth being on the list of the best workout apps as mediation has been known to help people stay calm and focus. It is even advised that you do mediation before a workout as it helps prepare your mind, body, and Soul for the workouts. Headspace does that right here as it helps you breathe, perform your best during workouts and other activities. It also helps you get a better night rest/sleep and also eliminates insomnia. It’s a must-have app for both People who intend to workouts and people who don’t – it’s an app everyone should have.

Download Headspace for Android & iOS

Gixo: Exercise Live & OnDemand


The Gixo Apps transforms your app into a virtual gym with real trainers on. Standby waiting to guide you. Although this app is a causal workout app that allows you to workouts from home, it does take it to a whole new level with personal trainers on demand. Asides from that, you can also track your stats on the app which will help you stay motivated. Unfortunately, the app is only available for iOS devices and quite pricey. I’ll only recommend this for people who really want to take workouts really seriously without going to the gym. It’s just like have in the gym come to you.

Download Gixo For iOS

As individual planning to work on your fitness level, these 5 best workout apps will no doubt be of great help. There are a couple of fitness or workout apps out there, let us know which one is the best for you.


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