5 Best YouTube Music Player Apps for Android

MusicPiped-Best YouTube Music Player Apps for Android

When you hear the word YouTube, the first thing that comes to mind is videos. Well, asides from videos, there are also music on the platform and a lot of it. It also has live performances os, various musicians and artists, as well as instrumentals of your favourite songs.

Now, YouTube is primarily a video platform however, you can take advantage of its huge collection of music and use it as your one-stop music library.

To do that, you’ll need a different app from YouTube and we’ve got 5 right here that can get the job done for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Best YouTube Music Player Apps for Android

1. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Starting off the list is YouTube’s own YouTube Music. You can think of this app as kind of a music player for all the songs available on YouTube. This app is perhaps the best for this as it was developed by YouTube themselves due to popular demand.

The app still retains the material design which is intuitive and lets you listen to lots of music available on the platform. You can even create your own playlist. Similar to YouTube, this app is free to use however, you’ll need the premium red version in order to be able to remove ads, do multitasking and download music for offline listening. All in all, it is a great app and worth checking out.

2. MusicPiped

MusicPiped-Best YouTube Music Player Apps for Android

MusicPiped is a free to use open source app that allows its users to stream songs directly from YouTube. This is a third-party and isn’t created by YouTube/Google. However, it works very well. It also has a very clean and easy to use UI. It has no ads, doesn’t require any payment or subscription of any kind and has no API.

All you just have to do is download the app, search for music you want and start playing. It is as easy as that, hence it being in the number two spot.

3. NewPipe

NewPipe is basically a YouTube clone if I may say so. The app runs identical to the official YouTube app but unlike the YouTube app, this doesn’t require Google Play services or Google play framework to actually work.

Similar to the rest of the apps on this list, you can create playlists with this app, download videos and audios, play audio in the background and run the app in PIP (picture-in-picture) mode which allows for multitasking.

One feature of the NewPipe I like is the fact that it consumes less resource like RAM and storage compared to others. So if you have a low-end device, this is for you.

4. YMusic

YMusic is also another good YouTube Music player you can download. The app isn’t available on the Google play store as it violates Google’s play store Terms of service. However, it works fairly well and has a pretty clean UI.

This app which is created by an XDA developer by the name of Deep Gaurav can not only stream YouTube music, it can also download it in different qualities. This is perhaps one of my favourite feature of this app.

Asides from that, you can create your own playlist, add and remove music from it, play music in the background even when the screen is off among others.

5. YT Vanced

YT Vanced is a popular name in the modding community as the app is well known. The app which is created by an XDA developer is a forked version of the original YouTube app which means it has all the features the original YouTube app has with more.

It is free to use and has no ad. It also supports background playback for music. You can also switch from the white and black theme depending on your preference. It also works on both rooted and non-rooted devices so you don’t have to root your device to use it. Just download and install.


These are the apps you should be looking at if you need a YouTube music player. Other notable mentions you can check out if you want are listed below.


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