Camera showdown: Tecno Camon CX Vs iPhone 7


Get ready to be wowed by the next Camon smartphone. TECNO is getting ready to introduce the successor to the Camon C9. The device is codenamed Camon CX and from the information and features, the Camon CX is said to be the best camera smartphone for those who desire quality selfie and brighter photos.

Tecno’s Camon series are camera-centric smartphones that boast of superlative camera performance with seamless operation. The Camon C8 and C9 are testimonies to this fact.

TECNO impressed us with the Camon C8 which has a great 5MP camera for selfie lovers. The Camon C8 was compared with the iPhone 6 Plus and many loved how well the device took on the iPhone 6 Plus in camera showdown. The latest Camon smartphone is here and TECNO has tagged it the best camera phone for taking quality selfies and brighter pictures.

So below are the special features and camera test against the iPhone 7

16Megapixel selfie camera with dual LED Flash that brightens up your skin

Before now, selfies taken in low light have been unattractive and boring. The Camon CX is here to the rescue. With the Camon CX 16Megapixel front camera, you can capture brighter and stunning looking selfies in the DARK. Camon CX’s 16MP front camera comes with an innovative Dual LED flash that brightens up your selfies up to 40% compared to normal front LED flash.  No matter the environment, your selfies will appear clearer and brighter. Whether it’s evening, twilight, in nightclub, pubs, lounges or beach it doesn’t matter, the Camon CX is your companion.

Brighten skin Selfies Challenge under moderate Lighting (Tecno Camon CX Vs iPhone 7)

Tecno Camon CX Vs iPhone 7

Brighten Skin Selfie Contest, Extreme Low-light environment (Tecno Camon CX Vs iPhone 7)

Get more fun with the customised filters

The Camon CX has lots of cool filters to play with, you can capture beautiful selfies on the go without having to edit your pictures. You can even cartoonize those pictures by activating the Fun Filter on the latest beautify app 2.0. It’s that easy.

Industry-Leading 16MP back camera with Four-Ring LED flash that brightens your skins

Just like the front camera, Camon CX rear camera boasts of industry-leading SONY-IMX298 16Megapixel camera sensor. The 16MP captures breathtaking photos in both low-light and good lighting conditions. It is your professional DSLR camera. What is even more interesting is the customised Ring Flash System that combines four powerful flashes to brighten up pictures taken in the dark to over 100% brightness level. To test the back camera, we pitched it against that of the iPhone 7. So over to you guys which camera is the best

It’s fun and faster, taking pictures with Camon CX

There are many different ways of taken pictures on the Camon CX, unlike normal camera phone that uses only the onscreen shutter icon. You don’t have to unlock the phone to launch the camera, double clicking on the Volume button will automatically snap pictures.

Tecno Camon Cx and iphone 7 image

More interestingly is the fact that when you tap anywhere on the surface of the screen or by touching the fingerprint scanner at the back, it immediately captures pictures. It’s that fun and interesting.

Super Slim Design

In terms of design, the Camon CX is a beauty to behold, it’s a gorgeous looking smartphone that will definitely rank among the best-crafted devices in 2017. You will love how thin and portable the device is, dimension-wise, it measures just 5.6mm compared to the iPhone 7 which is 7.1mm. The body is made of full metallic material. The front screen is covered with a 2.5D Corny Gorilla Glass should offer some level of protection against constant falls.


So over to you guys which of the two smartphones do you think is the best? Tecno Camon CX vs iPhone 7. Drop your comments in the comment session below.

Finally, the Camon is not only a good camera phone, it is also an excellent phone for running your favourite apps. It is powered by the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, an octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of Internal storage and a long-lasting 3200mAh battery.

It is available in four fashionable colours of Champagne Gold, Sky Blue, Elegant Blue and Rose Gold. The Recommended Retail Price will range from N75, 000-N80, 000 and will be available at all TECNO’s exclusive retail outlets across the country.


  1. It is quite funny how talk about image stabilization and noise. The CX is good for those who are does not know much about camera. Just like most tecno and infinix the problem is not about the pixel. So even wen tecno says it 16mp an 8mp iPhone camera will still produce stunning images than.Can the phone record 4k video? It is crap comparing it with iPhone 7 camera. Gionee m5 camera is still better the than the CX camera


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