Download Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk With Unlocked Levels and Lives

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

Candy Crush Saga is a friendly game you can totally play for free. Released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook after several tested beta versions on the popular website, the extremely popular game has received over 2.7 billion downloads since its inception. Developer(s) King later succeeded in spreading the game across various software platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.

In the Candy Crush Saga, players complete different levels by eliminating candies of the same colour from the board via swapping. These eliminated candies are automatically replaced by the game. If you’re lucky, the new candies created by the game could be similar, causing more strikeouts.

Features of Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

Candy Crush Saga allows you as the player to match four or more candies, creating unique candies that can turn into huge explosives which can, in turn, clears the entire board. Furthermore, the puzzle game is replete with plenty of goals, sometimes difficult that you must complete within a short time. Or, by reaching a particular score number or collecting a particular candy.

You can also play Candy Crush Saga without having to spend a dime for in-app features. Moving to the next level is not dependent on splashing your cash. However, the app still allows you the player to buy special actions to move to complete your mission faster.

For every matched set of candies crushed and destroyed, you score points for these matches. Continue this way, and you will gain more points as you progress.

Candy Crush Saga is split into many levels which you will complete in sequence. You will have to finish level two before you can play level three. Every level comes with a different challenge. Sometimes you need to reach a minimum score by clearing candies in a fixed number of moves. Every board on Candy Crush Saga you play on, there are different unique rules that you must follow to clear into the next level.

If you meet the level’s goal, you will be rewarded with stars which are usually one to three stars, depending on your score. Then you are cleared to play the next level.

But, if you cannot meet the game’s objectives or perhaps fail to proceed to the next level, you stand the huge risk of losing a life. The game gives you five. Can’t get through to the next level, you lose one. But you can recover lost lives, only in real lifetime though. If you exhaust your lives, you may have to wait for minutes even hours to get them back. A lost life is replaced by every half-hour.

Nonetheless, you can get them all back by buying with real cash. Candy Crush Saga supports in-app purchases, which means you can buy extra lives. You can also send requests to friends to help you with more lives.

How To Download And Install Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

Candy Crush Saga is a fun game, but the free version available for download in playstore is very limiting. And having to pay or beg friends for extra lives is distressing. Which is why we will show you steps on how to download Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk in the steps below.

Candy Crush Mod Apk allows you to enjoy unlimited lives, unlocked dreamworld, all episodes are unlocked, all levels are unlocked, owl never dies, Moonstruck is active to end of the level, you always win and so much more.

  • Click on the link here to get the latest version of Candy Crush Mod Apk-
  • The link takes you directly to the file, which pops up on your device screen. Tap on download, and allow the whole file which is around 82mb to get downloaded completely into your device’s storage.
  • To avoid getting a parse error or “unable to install” after download despite enabling install from “Unknown sources” on your Android settings, make sure to have a strong Internet connection.
  • Also, use a good browser to download like Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini.

How to Install Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

Now, to install the download Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk on your android phone, follow these simple steps:

Before installing the app, make sure you enable download from “Unknown sources” on your android devices.

  • Go to settings
  • Then, tap on “Security”. Toggle the switch to the right where you find “Unknown sources,” to enable the feature.
  • Return to the browser, click on the downloaded file to install.
  • Allow the installation to finish. Then, tap open to enjoy Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk.

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