How to Change iPhone’s Hotspot Name and Password

Change iPhone’s Hotspot Name

Do you know how to change iPhone’s hotspot name and password? Wouldn’t it be cool to get to know that? 1 am sure it will. The hotspot is your go-to settings when you want to share your internet connection with another device. Your iPhone’s hotspot name will be shown on the recipient’s device. And if it is password protected, the recipient will need the password to gain access to your internet connection. Without further ado, let’s get straight into this simple and easy tutorial.

How to Change your iPhone Hotspot Name

We begin first by showing you how to change the name of your hotspot.

Change iPhone Hotspot Name_1

To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  • Then scroll down till you see “General”, click on it.
  • At the top of the screen is the “About” button, click on it.
  • Still on that top side of t screen is the “Name” button, tap it. This will show you the current name of your Hotspot.
  • In front of the Hotspot’s name is a small “x” button, tap it and enter the name you want for your Hotspot. Click on the blue “Done” button on your keyboard when you’re done entering the preferred name.
  • The name you entered will be shown on other devices seeking connection and making it easy for them to identify your Hotspot.

How to Change your iPhone Hotspot Password

Now that we’ve shown you how to change the Hotspot name, let’s move over to how to change the password. You can do this by following the tips below;

  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Scroll and click on “Personal Hotspot”.
  • Tap on the toggle switch to turn it on.
  • Click on the “Wi-Fi Password”
  • Now enter your preferred password and save it. It is important that you enter a password you can easily remember.

This tip and tutorial on how to change iPhone’s hotspot name and password are a must-read for every iPhone user. It doesn’t matter what model or year of iPhone you use, it works for them all.


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