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Glo Data Plans 2021, Subscription Codes, Prices and How to Subscribe

Glo data plans

This post is about Glo data plans, subscription codes, and prices in  2021. Nearly everybody that has a smartphone in Nigeria uses more than one network providers. The question is who among them offers the cheapest data plans?

It’s no longer news that Glo NG offers the cheapest data plans here in Nigeria. Since the network provider has downwardly reviewed its Glo data plans they have witnessed a huge increase in their internet subscription and they remain the internet provider to beat, hence the nickname; the GRAND MASTER OF DATA.

Internet users in Nigeria reacted angrily to the planned increment in data plan by NCC, most of them took to the social media to voice out their displeasure about the proposal. MTN Nigeria was the first among GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT, NTEL, SPECTRANET, SMILE and others to announce that by December 1st they will be reviewing their data plan upwardly. But thanks to the prompt intervention from the Nigeria Senate to stop the planned data increase. Below is the latest Glo data plan in Nigeria.

The Cheapest Glo data plans for 2021 in Nigeria

Below are the cheapest Glo data plans you can find in Nigeria right now

How much is Glo Data plan?

Like I said earlier on, Glo remains the grand master of data in Nigeria and they will be hard to beat by other internet service providers. With just N1000, you can get 3.2GB of data that can work with any smartphones, be in Android, Internet modem, Blackberry, IOS or Window powered-devices. It’s that cheap!!!

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How much DATA Is Glo 200 and 100?

If you are wondering if you could get a Glo data plan for just 200 or 100? The good news is with ₦200 you can get a Glo data plan that will give you 200MB, to get this plan,

Dial *127*56#


Text “56” to 127

For ₦100, Glo gives you 100MB to browse the internet for a whole day.

To subscribe,

Dial *127*51#


Text “51” to 127

GLO Weekly Data Plan and Subscription Codes

According to Glo’s official website, with just ₦500, you will get 1.6GB of data to browse from 12Midnight to 6AM that will you for 10 days.

To subscribe,

Dial *127*57#


Text “57” to 127

Monthly GLO data plans Codes and Prices

This is not a joke, it actually works. On Glo, you get 3.2GB data allocated to you for ₦1,000 (1.7GB higher than what you’ll get elsewhere).

Like I said earlier that with just N1000 Glo gives you whopping 3.2GB that will last you a month to browse on any internet enabled device. They are the cheapest you can get around now. For heavy internet users like me, I prefer to use Glo because it’s cheap however if you are not in their strong

To subscribe

Dial *127*53#


Text “53” to 127

All Glo Data plans, Subscriptions and Prices in Nigeria

Below are all the Glo data bundles in Nigeria right now

Plan Validity Opt-in Code
Daily Glo Data Plans
30MB @ ₦50 1 day *127*14#
100MB @ ₦100 1 day *127*51#
200MB @ ₦200 3 days *127*56#
Weekly Glo Data Plans
1.6GB @ ₦500 10 days *127*57#
Monthly Glo Data Plans
3.2GB @ ₦1,000 30 days *127*53#
7.5GB @ ₦2,000 30 days *127*55#
10GB @ ₦2,500 30 days *127*58#
12GB @ ₦3,000 30 days *127*54#
18GB @ ₦4,000 30 days *127*59#
24GB @ ₦5,000 30 days *127*2#
48GB @ ₦8,000 30 days *127*1#
60GB @ ₦15,000 30 days *127*12#
90GB @ ₦18,000 30 days *127*13#
Glo Night and Weekend Plans
1GB @ ₦200 1 night *127*60#

How to Check Data Balance on Glo

To check your Glo data balance just

Dial *127*0#,

Or text “INFO” to 127.

So, guys, these are the cheapest Glo data plans in Nigeria for 2021 and they are the cheapest data you can buy right now. If there is anything I missed out on this post kindly let me know in the comment session below and if you have questions, leave them as comments also. Don’t forget to use the internet safely and stay blessed.


  1. The rate at which they consume their acclaimed whooping data is alarming. Should I say extortion in Oblivion or disguise? Compare theirs to the rate at which MTN consumes theirs…… Glo should be more loyal to their constumers.

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  3. This is a scam, Glo return my money. You promise 3.2G for 1k, but I got is 1.6G. It shows you are here to scam us, pls I need my money back

  4. I subscribed for 1k using ur stated code *127*53#, but o was given 1.6GB as against your started 3.2Gb. This is the second time this has happened which invariably means all the stated GB above are false. The code is correct but the data are lies. Anybody that want to proof me wrong should at least try that of #200. I hereby conclude that all the above write up are false. You can check glo data plan using *777#.

  5. The write up is helpful but the network call Glo na scam in browsing online is too slow chaiii

  6. Fake, not working 2018,,if you load they will give you small data, not what you wrote there bitch !!!

  7. Your blog is awesome looking good.Glo is a network needs much improvement from the owners not just giving too much data


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