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Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans, Call Rates, and Migration Codes 2021

Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans

MTN Nigeria offers different Tariff Plans for their customers, with some having the best call rates. Do you make calls every time with your MTN sim?

Are you being charged exorbitantly for calling your loved ones? If yes, stay with me as I will be listing the Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans and their Migration Codes. Before you find the one that suits your lifestyle, you need to know what each tariff plan offers.

Like I said, the purpose of this post is to answer most of the questions people ask like,

  1. How do I migrate to MTN true talk?
  2. How do I migrate to MTN beta talk?
  3. How do I migrate to MTN Pulse?
  4. How do I migrate to MTN Biz Plus?
  5. How do I migrate to MTN Startpack?
  6. How can I register for MTN share and sell?

Before we go any further, you need to know the current tariff plan you are currently on. To check your current tariff plan, simply dial *123*1*2#. You will get a pop-up message showing your current tariff plan. If you don’t like what your tariff plan offers, then you need to know if there are other good tariff plans.

Cheapest Tariff Plans and Migration Codes for MTN Nigeria

1. Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans –MTN XtraSpecial

This is one of the most popular tariff plans on MTN, you will be charged 15k/Sec (N9/Min) to all networks in Nigeria when you migrate to this plan. That means with N100 airtime you can make calls for 11 minutes.

・To migrate, Simply dial *408# and select 1 OR text “408” to “131”.

2. Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans –MTN Xtra Pro

This is a new tariff plan and probably one of the cheapest on the list. You can make calls for as low as 11k/sec (N6.60k/Min) with a daily access fee of N5. And yes, you can call all networks in Nigeria at this price. If you don’t have up to N5 on your sim for a day, you will be charged 20k/Sec (N12/Min) to call all networks.

・To migrate, Simply dial *401# and select 1 OR text “401” to “131.

More on Tariff and Data Plans

This is one of the oldest tariff plans from MTN. You can make calls to any network for as low as 11k/s (N6.60k/Min) and calls to international numbers for as low as 20k/s (N12/Min). A daily access fee of ₦5 is charged on your line immediately you make your first call for the day. With N100 you can make calls for 14 minutes.

・To migrate, Simply dial *123*20# OR text “TP” to “131”.=

3. Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans –MTN BetaTalk

This tariff plan gives you airtime & data bonuses. You get 250% airtime bonus and 10MB of data weekly on recharges of N100 and above. And 150% bonus airtime on recharges below N100. For calls on this plan, you will be charged 40k/s (N24/Min).

・To migrate to BetaTalk, Simply dial *123*2*6# OR send “BT” to “131” via text message.

4. Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans –MTN SuperSaver Plus

This is a very special plan, it doesn’t require any monthly fee. Once you migrate, your first minute on National calls would be billed at 40k/s. Then from the second minute, you will be charged 15k/s. So you will practically gain more when you talk more. Also with this plan, you get to make fee midnight calls daily from 12:30 am to 4:30 am, as long as you have up to N100 airtime balance.

・To migrate, Simply dial *408*1# or text “408” to “131”.

5. Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans –MTN AWUF4U

This plan doubles and triples your airtime when you recharge. You will instantly get 300% bonus when you recharge N100 or above. If you recharge below N100, you will get just a 200% bonus. Interestingly this plan is accessible to all plans, you don’t need to migrate.

・Simply dial *888*PIN# when recharging or use the VTU services to recharge and get the bonus.

6. Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans –MTN ZONE

This is the cheapest in-house plan on the MTN line. You will be charged 1k/s for making calls with other MTN subscribers (MTN to MTN calls).

・To migrate, Simply dial *135*1#.

7. Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans –MTN PULSE

This plan charges you just 11k/s after you must have used 40k/s for the first minute to call any National line. However, you have to be on a school campus to be charged that 11k/s. If you are on a school campus, then you will be charged 15k/s.

You also get to stream music on Music+ for just N10/day. You get data bonus on every recharge and 100% data bonus when you buy a 500MB weekly bundle. With just N25 you will get 500MB to use between 12 am to 4 am, it expires in 24 hours.

To migrate, Simply dial *406# or text “406” to “131”.

Which is your favourite? Let us in the comments if you have any further questions.



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