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Mtn Number: Different Ways How to check your MTN Number

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There are many reasons one may be looking for ways to check his or her MTN Number; it could be that you have lost your sim pack which contains your phone number details or you have recently bought the Sim card and you are not with the pack.

Whichever may be your reason for wanting to know how to check your MTN number, below you will find a simple way you can quickly check your Mtn Number on your phone

Ways to Check Mtn Number

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Code to Check Your MTN Phone Number

Dial *123# from your phone: you are given some on-screen options. Select option 1 from your screen showing Account Information. Select 1 further again to reveal your phone number.

You also quickly check your Mtn number by dialing *123*1*1# and your phone number will be displayed on your phone.

Using your phone to call Another Line

If you have airtime on your phone, you can also check your Mtn number by calling a friend’s number or a relative’s phone number.

There are other ways to check phone Mtn phone number such as using the Mtn app on your phone. If you have the Mtn app installed on your phone, you can do pretty anything regarding Mtn services like checking Mtn data balance, recharging your phone e.t.c.

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  1. Kudos to your strenuous effort in putting these items before the public for some kind of aid that would enable them tacktled some day to day questions and challenges affecting networking among others.

    With references to the code you placed here for checking Glo number I think the code *135*8# is outmoded and the up-to-date code is ”777*#”

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It has been helping.
    There is a pure revolution in the telecommunication industry, and we will always be proud to share the trends.

    Goo one from our network providers

  3. Gud day pls how do I know original Android phone and how do I get my personal information on my phone I really wat to know more.

  4. Good one bro i have actually getton the help that i need when i can’t find my glo phone number again

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