CM Security Master App — a Security Master for Android


Security Master Antivirus has been at the forefront as far as phone security is concerned. Previously known as CM Security, it not only protects your Android device from various types of threats but also serves as cover for your privacy. It guards your device against potential attacks and virus threats, which can corrupt your personal files and applications. Security Master is an all-in-one security app that provides real-time protection against malwares, allows for proper maintenance and device optimization.

This App remains the most outstanding antivirus service provider for Android devices. With its inbuilt intelligent diagnosis, you are safeguarded from every form of harmful apps, and scam calls. When you download and install the app, it quickly detects your phone’s status in real-time and offers you a perfect solution to get your device optimized. The following are among the wide variety of powerful features available on the app: deep system scanning, automatic call blocking, real-time virus protection, browser ads blocking and anti-phishing protection, professional cleaning tool, and anti-theft alarm.


Security Master provides you with simple anti-theft tools while taking care of your safety needs. It allows you to locate, wipe, and lock your Android device if stolen. On top of that, you also get the chance of turning on the alarm on your device through their web platform. In order to do this successfully, you have to activate and register an account under the “Find Phone” category in the settings menu within the app, with either your email account or Facebook account.

Malware Protection

Based on the assessment carried out by the independent German testing lab AV-TEST, the app was confirmed as a suitable malware detection which provides 100% real time scores. You can scan for malwares on your device by tapping the “Scan” button just around the left-corner of the main screen. Once this process is completed, the app shows issues related to security, internet, and privacy, which it discovered. This only takes a couple of seconds, and you can as well schedule the scan period to either daily, weekly or monthly. More features are also available, such as condition-based scans as well as a private browser “Safe Browser”, which provide web protection for users.

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Safe Connect VPN

Although more suitable for simple tasks, the free version of CM Security allows you override regional restrictions. It offers 200MB of data usage per day and this feature can be accessed by every users of the app. It comes with a simple user interface, short processing time to switch between server locations and also keep track of your data usage. However, you must switch to the VIP plan to enjoy the full feature 100% which opens unlimited data usage and wide range of server locations to choose from.

AppLock — Vault

With a carefully selected personalized pattern lock, PIN or your fingerprint, you can lock just about any of the installed apps on your device. It also provides suggestion on which app you might chose to lock, and this is mainly skewed to social media, messaging app, and photos. Intruder selfie feature takes the intruder picture, unknown to them, thus revealing anyone who tries to access your app and it will be sent to your email. All this can be done with just a single click.

Caller ID and Blocking

This feature feeds you with the identity of your callers. You can also block every unwanted caller and log the contacts into the apps blank list tab.

Wi-Fi Security

You can easily detect malicious activity on Wi-Fi network that you are on and also run a speed test to know the strength of each available network.

Message Security

Locking your messaging app alone won’t give you all the needed protection because of the visibility of notification of incoming messages. But the messaging feature helps you group all the notification and secures them from unauthorized viewing.

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