Download 10 Best Dance Apps Available for Free on Android

Pole Dance Lessons

Is dancing your hobby? How many dance moves do you know? Do you want to dance even better? This article will introduce you to the 10 best dance apps you can download for free on Android.

Most people who claim to know how to dance can only make the basic dance moves. Only a few can actually dance to various songs and do it differently.

No matter the level of your dancing skills, this piece is set to show you apps that can help liven up your dance steps. You can download these apps as they are available for free on the Android platform.

Top 10 Best Dance Apps Available for Free on Android

  1. Crazy Flamenco Rumba Dance

This is one of the best dancing apps you will find on the Android platform. With this app, the user can have a fun time with friends as it helps you to learn different dance moves quite easily.

The app lets you upload your picture using your device camera, and you can share the picture or video with your friends.

  1. ElfYourself

This is another dance app that can help anyone learn how to dance and become a real star in little time. ElfYourself can help you make a video in festival costumes.

It is a free app which is also easy to use. It comes with quite simple steps that can help you create a dancing video seamlessly.

  1. Just Dance Now

This has got to be one of the best dance apps for Android device. Just dance now is possibly the easiest way you can learn how to dance online using your smartphone. This app comes with over 200 songs which you can choose whichever you want to learn how to dance to.  You can have unlimited dance sessions on this app.

  1. Step Dance

As a popular dance app amongst Android users, step Dance lets you learn dancing in a step by step manner. It is rated among the best dance apps for dancers. It has loads of different dance types you can easily search and learn. The app is free and has an easy-to-use interface that stimulates learning.

  1. Pole Dance Lessons

Pole Dance Lessons

Here is an amazing dance app that lets you learn pole dance on your smartphone. The app can be easily used to plan and schedule dance lessons. It gives you the chance to view studio location, ongoing promotions, contact information, and more. It is aimed more at maximising user’s convenience and time when signing up for dance lessons.

  1. Pocket Salsa

If Salsa is your thing, this app is one of the best dance apps you can download on Google playstore. The Pocket Salsa is a free dance Android app that lets you learn the salsa dance in no time. The app has lots of ways you can learn the salsa dance.

These methods are in video formats and are quite easy to follow. The app has a paid version which offers more and advanced features.

  1. Dancing Elf

As one of the best free dance apps available on Android, the Dancing elf is also one of the most fun dance apps to use. The app can create a video f you dancing by uploading just a photo of yourself. You can also add funny texts to share your video online.

  1. Facejjang

The Facejjang app is similar to the dancing elf. However, it comes with more features as users can accessorise with hats, wigs, sunglasses, and a host of other materials to make your video unique and fun.

  1. Belly Dance Fitness

Professional dancers know how amazing it is to belly dance and Belly Dance Fitness app is one of the best dance apps for this purpose. It is an exciting dance app that is aimed more at the female gender. It comes with an awesome user interface that includes tutorials and video instructions.

The app helps you learn to belly dance free. The app can also be used to stretch the body while adding your favourite video to the favourite collection to watch and listen again and again.

  1. Animate Me

This is a popular app that lets you take the role of a music and video director. The free dance app helps you make a dance video wherever location you are. It gives you control of everything you need using your smartphone. The app contains several characters to help you make a dance video quite seamlessly. Additionally, you can record and edit dance moves, skin colour, and more. You can also share your videos with your social circle.

So there you have it guys, if you are really keen on taking your dancing steps to the next these best dance apps will help you in a great way to improve on your dancing skills. They are available for free to download on Google Play store. Lemme know what you think about these apps.


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