Download Dead Target Mod Apk with unlimited Money for Android

Dead Target Mod apk

This post shows you how to download Dead Target Mod Apk plus the data obb. There are so many games available on the Google Play Store which helps keep us company during our free time. Now, there are different genres of games, from 2D to Puzzle and even FPS (first person shooter) and TPS (Third person shooter) games. If you’re more into FPS games then you’d definitely like this game right here called dead target. Dead target is a survival based zombie shooter game. In this game, the dead are rising and you’ll have to shoot your way out of the beautiful and well crafted 3D space. Dead target is packed with a lot of features which includes the following.

Features of Dead Target Mod Apk

Amazing Graphics & Gameplay

Dead target is a very beautiful game that will immerse you in its gameplay and has you really feeling like you’re actually in a real-world apocalypse. The gameplay is also smooth and intuitive so you quickly get a hang of the controls while still managing to be challenging. Also, the guns in this game are also visually appealing and details are represented down to it sounds like the real guns.

Lot’s Of Weapons and Gadgets

There are lots of different Weapons you can use in different stages. From automatic guns to sniper rifles and a lot more. In this dead target Mod apk, you get all those guns and gadgets unlocked immediately you begin to make your gameplay experience a lot more fun.

Quests & Achievements

Just every other game, it has a reward system with Quests and achievements. These Quests and achievements can be unlocked or completed by killing zombies in the game which will rewards you with more points for you to ranks you and also unlock more items. You can also show off your stats to your friends on Google leaderboard via Google Play games.

Offline Game

Unlike most games that are on the Google play store that require you to be connected to the internet to play, this game right here doesn’t. You can play dead target offline when you’re not connected to the internet which means you can play it anywhere, anytime.

Low File Size

The game weighs about 100MB in size and while that may be much for some people, you should know that there are some games on the Google play store that are more than 1GB in size. Personally, I would say 100MB is considerably small if you factor in how beautiful the game is.

There is also a tone of other features in the game with more added with each Update. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go ahead and Download the game.

How to Download Dead Target Mod Apk with Unlimited Money

Downloading Dead Target is pretty easy. If you want the standard version of the game with no mod then you can download that from the Google Play Store for free. However, if you want the one with unlimited Money then you’ll need to follow the outlined steps below.

  1. First, you’ll need to uninstall the game if you already have it installed. If you don’t, then,  skip to the next step.
  2. Next, Download the Dead Target Mod Apk with Unlimited Money Here.
  3. After Downloading the game, Navigate to the Settings Menu on your Phone and Click on Security. Now Locate the “Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources” option and Toggle it on.
  4. Once that is done, Go to where you downloaded the game and Install it.
  5. After Installing the game, Click on the game Icon on your home screen/app drawer to Launch the game and enjoy with the unlimited money available inside.


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