Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod Apk With Unlimited Health + OBB File

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod Apk With Unlimited Health + OBB File

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most widely played and most enjoyed games in the world. Popular called the acronym: “GTA: Vice City”, the game was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, which was eventually released in 2002, first for PlayStation 2 and then in 2003 for Windows.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod Apk Overview

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is packed and filled with plenty of adventure and action. The game allows you to control criminal Tommy Vercetti, using him to complete missions as you progress in the game. It is possible to have multiple missions at the same time. You are also allowed to roam freely outside the game’s open world. Here, you have the ability to complete side missions.

Grand Theft Auto is composed of two main islands and bits of areas perched in the game. As a player, you can run, jump, or drive vehicles to make your way through in the game world.

Because GTA: Vice City is action-packed, you are allowed to wield dangerous weapons to ward off or fight off rival gangs or enemies. You can use firearms such as M60 machine gun and a mini gun, and even perform drive-by shootings. If your health is depleted after a fight, the game allows you to regenerate your health meter by picking up health.

With over 17.5 million copies of GTA Vice City sold, the action game is one of the most compelling and popular games ever made. Its open world graphics, action will make you cleave to your Android device.

If you really love action games filled with dirty slingos, then you’ll definitely like Vice City. You can build a criminal empire, and kill off threats with a wide variety of options. If you committed a crime while playing the game then the game’s law enforcement will definitely be hot on your trail. And when that happens, a “wanted” meter pops up above the player’s head. The more crimes you commit, the more stars appear above the player’s head.

How to Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod Apk

GTA Vice City is available for download on all devices. You can find this highly sought-after game in Google playstore, on iOS, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation and OS X.

GTA Vice City is an amazing game, but not as amazing as the GTA Vice City Mod. While the former limits you as a player, with limited health, weapons and so much more, the latter gives you just beyond that. It is why it is widely searched over the Internet, which is why we have dropped the download link to your favourite adventure-action game.

Below we have included the official GTA Vice City Apk, including a mirror link, and the GTA Vice City Mod Apk and GTA Vice City OBB file.

  • GTA Vice City Official Apk Download Here
  • GTA Vice City Mod Apk download here
  • GTA Vice City Mod OBB File download here

With the above links, you can get GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Mod on your android devices. However, to avoid getting problems while installing, we will show you how to install these files.

How To Install GTA Vice City Apk/Mod Apk + Extract OBB File

  • Remove or uninstall all previous versions of GTA Vice City on your Android device
  • Now use any of the GTA Vice City or GTA Vice City Mod Apk(s) links provided above, whichever you prefer, to download your choice.
  • After download, go straight to your download folder or downloads and install the file.
  • Wait until the installation has finished
  • Once finished, do not tap open. Leave it.
  • If you haven’t downloaded the OBB file, do so. However, if you have, simply go back to where you have it in your downloads or downloads folder.
  • The OBB file is a zip file. Long press on it and options will appear on your screen on what to do with the zip file. Select extract. Use a good file manager e.g. ES file explorer. You will extract the contents or dump the contents in your sd card/android/obb folder
  • Before you run the game, check to see if you’ll find a folder name com.rockstargames.gtavc on your android device.
  • If that folder is available, congratulations! You have succeeded in extracting the obb file. Now, you can go back to your android screen, and tap GTA Vice City Mod to enjoy unlimited health and ammo!

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