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Download Lucky Patcher

See how to download Lucky patcher apk for Android and iOS. Have you ever been stuck in a level for months while playing games because you didn’t have the required arsenals to beat the bad guys? Then, you might want to download Lucky Patcher apk. Every gamer is faced with the challenge of having to pay for an in-app purchase to access the game’s finest resources or levels.

Developers have mastered the art of making games so addictive and compelling that to enjoy new levels, we either need to amass lots of points, coins and gems or bonuses, which can require weeks and months of hard work or pay for these coins from your pocket.

Because we are humans are we love adventures, we pay at the detriment of other needs. Games should be enjoyed, not endured.

Download Lucky Patcher app

Another problem gamers face is the appearance of irrelevant adverts on the phone screen as pop-ups when we are enjoying our games. This can be very annoying. There is an app that can solve these aforementioned problems and more;

Introducing: Lucky Patcher!

What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky Patcher apk is an app that helps to modify apps and games. You can download lucky patcher and use it to block advertisements, modify and remove system applications, bypass license verification and modify apps permission. To fully enjoy all the features and benefits of Lucky patcher app, you will need to root your device. However, you can still enjoy the useful features of lucky patcher without rooting your phone.

In case you will like to root your device, you can search on Google for the specific method on how to root your phone model.

Lucky Patcher apk is every game developer’s nightmare because it removes money from their hand and saves you the gamer more money. This must-get tool helps you save your hard earned money while giving you a pleasurable gaming experience for free. When installed on a phone, Lucky Patcher completely hacks into the game and gives you the access to modify permissions of the game.

If you are the types that love to play different types of games such as Subway Surfers, Rail Rush, Candy Crush or Temple Run, it will interest you to discover you can use Lucky Patcher apk to hack into any of these games to get unlimited coins, gems or money.

With Lucky patcher Apk, you can now give yourself more bonuses, stop every form of ads and enjoy your game for absolutely free of charge. What’s more, with Lucky Patcher apk, you can convert your mobile game into a system application and still enjoy the uninterrupted experience.


  1. You can use it to get Paid Apps and Games

When you download Lucky patcher, you can play and enjoy all the features of your favourite game for absolutely free. This app will literally hack into any game and give you coins and other gems you can use to unlock the most sophisticated weapons, cars and other resources you need to make the game more enjoyable.

  1. It helps to remove Pop up ads

No one is a fan of ads popping up on your face when you are playing your favourite game, with Lucky Patcher, no more painful ads popping on your phone screen forever!

  1. It helps to Convert Your Mobile App Into a PC app.

Do you have any game you would want to enjoy on your personal computer too? Lucky Patcher will help you transit from a mobile app to system app with ease.

  1. It Helps You Move Apps To Memory Card

Everyone dreads low storage on their mobile devices. Lucky Patcher helps you transfer your apps from the phone memory to the memory or SD card.

    5. It helps to get coins and Unlimited money

For those of us that play games a lot, you will agree with me that gems and coins are very important, with Lucky patcher apk, you use it to purchase coins and unlimited money for free.

6. You can use it to convert apps to system apps

If there are some apps you find to be very useful, you use lucky-patcher to convert them to system apps and keep them permanently in your phone.


  1. Minimum RAM of 2GB and free internal memory of 10GB
  2. Android 2.3.3 and above
  3. A rooted phone
App name Lucky Patcher
Current version LATEST v.
Price Free
Size 6.47 MB
App Category Tools
No. of downloads 530 million +
Avg. Rating 4.8 / 5
Requirements Android 2.3 + and above

Where to download Lucky patcher Legal or original Version

There many websites providing free download of Lucky patcher apk latest version, but it is advisable you download from the official developer websites. You might ask why Lucker patcher is not available in the play store? this is because the app violates the app store rules as you can use this app to download apps, remove licenses from games for free.

The download apk might be offered in the Zip format, this means after you have downloaded it you will need to extract it to the root of your SD card or phone storage. Then, locate where the apk is and start the installation processes.

The link to lucky patcher below is the latest version, however, if you want to download lucky patcher 2017 you can still find it on the official page. Download Lucky patcher official version here

How to install Lucky Patcher Apk and Installation procedure

Before you install this app, you should know that it is not available on the Play store, this means you have to download from unknown sources or third-party stores or websites. Another important thing to note is that your phone must be rooted before you install lucky patcher apk on your phone. Failure to take to this instruction can damage your device. Check our post on how to download the app

To get started follow the guide below

First of all, you have to go to your phone setting to enable “Unknown sources” that is if you have not already done so. Follow this path, Setting>Security>Unknown Sources

  • To install this app, locate where the app was downloaded on your phone
  • The file will be in Zip format, extract it to reveal the apk
  • Then, Launch the app and tap on any app or game you will like to modify.
  • After this, you will be presented with options of App info, Launch app etc. Then tap on “Open menu of patches”
  • Finally, tap on Create modified.apk on the screen

Key Features of Lucky Patcher Apk

There are many benefits of the app Lucky patcher and they are listed below

download lucky patcher 2018

  • Lucky Patcher is an application that is used to block annoying ads from Android applications as well as on free games.
  • Lucky Patcher helps to remove verification from apps and game purchase
  • Lucky patcher can be used to hack games for Android as well. You can use it to unlock many game features
  • It can be used to back up applications and patched games.
  • You can use it to remove the permissions from unwanted apps.
  • Luki patches is able to make backup copies of any Android application as well as games to SD card.
  • Some features of this app can work on a non-rooted phone
  • There are Custom patch options



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