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Pandora Music

Are you looking for the best radio apps for your iPhone? Well, you’re on the right page. We will be listing the best radio apps you can download right now for your iPhone. If you want to always listen to radio and music on the go, then you need to download one of these apps.

Having a good radio app on your iPhone might help eliminate boredom while giving you quality music, trending stories and news. The app will always cheer you up whenever you need it, at virtually no cost. If you’re into urban music, you will get unlimited access to endless music options on these apps as well. That’s not all, there are also talk shows, sports, and general news. These are the best radio apps for your iPhone.

The Best Radio Apps For iPhone

1. iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio-Best radio apps for iPhone

This is one of the most famous and best radio apps for iPhone. It’s absolutely free to download, but of course, with in-app purchases. You get to listen to the music you love whenever you’re on the road or travelling. The app entertains you even you’re not connected to the internet. If you have a favourite artiste that you stan, you can follow them here and receive their latest songs and productions before anyone else. There are also a lot of FM and AM stations as well as podcasts.

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2. myTuner Radio

myTuner Radio

This is another free radio app that makes the list of the best radio apps for iPhone right now. Although, it comes with a few in-app purchases to enhance your listening experience. You can access to over 50,000 radio stations globally. No matter where you are, you can quickly Connect to your country’s favourite radio shows. That’s not all, you also have access to over 1 million+ podcasts freely available.

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3. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio

The best things in life are absolutely free and so is this app, however, it has some premium in-app purchases. Furthermore, you can tune in to lots of podcasts and radio shows ranging from music to sports and live shows. The Podcasts are frequently updated with the latest news to keep you glued. Get access to over 100K FM and AM stations at your pleasure to entertain you. The special subscriptions (in-app purchases) brings more refined music and entertainment.

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4. Pandora Music

Pandora Music

Pandora is a popular radio app on the App Store and one of the best radio apps for iPhone. It’s free to download with relatively cheap in-app purchases. Enjoy a personalized music experience just by downloading the app. It offers premium features that is not available on other similar platforms. The newly updated app comes with AI which helps recommend specific music genre choices depending on your mood.

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5. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

This radio app is also worth mentioning, it’s free to download with in-app purchases as well. The app offers countless options for highly curated music programs, befitting for music lovers who love the urban style kinda music. It has the entertainment to delight various personalities and tastes depending on your mood. You get to customize personal playlists to suit your specific style, as well as download your favourite programs to listen to later.

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These are the best radio apps for iPhone right now. These apps will always keep you entertained wherever you are and whatever you’re going through.


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