Dr. Mario World Mobile Coming to Android And iOS

Dr. Mario World Mobile

A new tweet by Nintendo of America has revealed that they will be unveiling another game to the smartphone. The name of the Dr Mario game will be “Dr Mario world”. When talking about puzzle games, Dr Mario franchise comes to mind. They are widely known for their puzzle games and this time around, they are bringing another game which will remove virus when you complete the puzzles.

This kind of game can be so addictive. It is a type that you would like to come back and play. The price of the super Mario Run made it a bit difficult for most people to play the full game while the two RPG titles of the Nintendo’s might be too complex for a casual player.

However, we were all thrown off the loop by the “World” part of the game. All the games from Nintendo that end in “World” means that they are all platform games. A look at the source shows that the games are all seen as “puzzle”. And LINE and Nintendo will co-develop the game together.

In other news, the Mario Kart Tour is another Nintendo game in the pipeline – a mobile version of Nintendo’s biggest game franchises which will be unveiled in this summer. Having had from Nintendo, we think it is time for Nintendo to make the Mario Kart Tour a great game.



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