Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite APK [DLS 20 Apk] + OBB Data Download for Android

Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Apk

Dream League Soccer 2020 Apk has a lite version which as you would have already guessed is made for less powerful devices. Unlike other football games out there on the Android platform, dream League soccer has always been about needing fewer requirements for games to run smoothly.

dream league soccer 2020 Lite

The lite version of this game which we will be taking a look at here takes it a step further by optimising and removing some of the features available in the main game in order to make it run on low-end devices while keeping its core graphics and most other things that make it dream league soccer we all know and love.

The main game already runs on pretty much all recent Android devices but if you happen to still use an older Android device with like 1GB of RAM or less accompanied by a dual-core processor then the lite version will be the best for your device. Dream League Soccer 2020 also known as DLS 20 has only two modes which are training and campaign. Training as you obviously know is where you go to in order to get familiar with the controls and learn the basics but if you already play the game or if you’ve played the game in the past then you won’t need this mode.

The campaign mode, on the other hand, is where the fun is, where you get to play in a team and take your team to victory and win trophies. Unlike the main game that gives you the option to choose between easy, medium and hard, this is automatically set on medium as it a middle ground for the novice and professionals. This one is one of the features that was removed in order to make the game run on low-end devices as the AI for the opponents don’t have to adjust to different difficulty levels thereby consuming more resources and increasing the size of the game.

Talking about the size, the developers of the DLS 20 know that android devices with 1GB or less of RAM and dual-core processors don’t have that much storage so the size of the game has been drastically reduced, almost half as the main game. Graphics-wise, the game is still enjoyable but if you’ve played the main game then you’d notice a little different but asides from that it’s equally as good. Now that we’ve gotten to know about the game let’s go ahead and download the game. You can do that by simply following the steps below.

How To Download & Install Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Apk Download

Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite

  1. First things first, you’ll need to download the DLS 2020 Apk and OBB which is about a total of 300MB in size.
  2. After downloading the files needed, then you’ll need to unzip it. For that, you’ll need a file explorer like ZArchiver, Easy Unrar or any other app, all of which can be downloaded for free from the Google play store.
  3. After downloading the file explorer app, Launch the app and locate the DLS 20 lite zip file. Extract the folder from the zip file and move it to Internal Storage >> Android >> OBB.
  4. Install the DLS 20 Lite APK and Launch the game. Wait for it to load as the first time takes some time. After that, you can then go ahead and enjoy the game.


Now that you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Dream League Soccer 2020 Lite Apk on Android device you can enjoy the game whenever you want. Personally, dream league soccer has always been one of my favourite football games as it is impressive the amount of graphics it has given its small size. No other good football game comes close.


  1. Why do you write the article without the game on your site. No download link nothing just stories


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