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Download EcoBank Mobile App Latest Version for Android and iPhone

EcoBank Nigeria Mobile Banking App

Here is a guide on how to download the EcoBank Mobile app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. EcoBank Plc is an African Bank headquartered in Togo with branches across other African countries, over 59% of their customers are Nigerians. With their mobile banking app, customers can now bank securely from the comfort of their home.

Account holders of EcoBank can conveniently transact and send money to friends and family using their mobile phone. It doesn’t matter wherever you are in the world, with the EcoBank Nigeria Mobile Banking App you can do almost anything on your account without visiting the bank.

How To Download EcoBank Mobile App

Downloading the App is very easy and hassle-free, just click Here.

How To Register & Login EcoBank Mobile App

If you have an EcoBank Online Banking profile already, launch the app after installing it. Simply dial *326# using your registered banking phone number, perform a PIN change and start using the app. Yes, you can login with your details now and start enjoying all the premium features.

If you don’t have the Online Banking profile, launch the app, click on “New User” and register. Input the phone linked to your account, input your account number when necessary and link your account to the app. Easily login to your account and perform various transactions.

What To Do On EcoBank Mobile Banking App

There are so many things to do with the app, you can send money from anywhere you are. Buy airtime, pay bills and check your account balance any time of the day. Just login to the App and explore your banking journey with EcoBank.

How To Buy Airtime With EcoBank Quick Recharge

Are you without an internet connection? and you will like to buy airtime with your Mobile Banking App? Well literally you can’t. You can’t use the app but you can use your mobile number linked to your account. Simply dial *326*Amount# if you have a Savings or Current Account.

E-wallet account holders can dial *326*1*Amount#, from the mobile number linked to their account.

NB: You can’t recharge more than N5,000 in a day.


This is how to download and use the EcoBank Nigeria Mobile Banking App. Need more information about the EcoBank Nigeria Mobile Banking App? Click Here.



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