Everything You Must Know About Refurbished iPhones

Everything You Must Know About Refurbished iPhones

The essence of this post is to guide you when making a decision to purchase a refurbished iPhone. The Apple iPhone is considered as the best mobile phone in the market. There are several reasons for its success. Some people prefer the software and some say that it is really powerful and attractive. No matter, whatever the reason might be, it is indeed an eccentric instrument for you to have.

Everything You Must Know About purchasing a Refurbished iPhone

Though, as you know that a new iPhone is very costly and it is a beyond the reach of a large number of people to pay for it. So, if you want to have an iPhone and don’t want to pay a big amount, then you must consider a cheaper option. Purchasing a refurbished iPhone is the best option that you must take.

This article will give you a detailed description regarding purchasing a refurbished iPhone. Let’s have a look:

Everything you need to know about Purchasing a Refurbished iPhone

Are Refurbished iPhones good?

Well, the answer to this question is YES. A refurbished iPhone is of the same standard as a new iPhone, but it needs to replaced or fixed because it might have some of the unsatisfactory elements.

A Refurbished iPhone has a little chance of being braked in comparison to brand new one. This might sound strange, but this is because – a new brand new iPhone undergo a normal quality check; however, a refurbished iPhone 7 will undergo these checks twice.

Why Are Refurbished iPhones So Cheap?

There are two major reasons why refurbished iPhones are at a lesser price:

  • Very first, what all the refurbished iPhones have in common is that they are already used. Despite, the elements of these devices are restored to reconfigure its condition. In this regards, complete cleansing of the device is done. Also, many people are not competent enough to the full price of the brand new one. So, the price of refurbished iPhones is lower.
  • The second reason is that refurbished iPhones are those which are launched a few years back. Since then, the market value of a brand new iPhone gets dropped, because of the outdated technology and a newer Apple product being launched in the market. Hence, the refurbished iPhones are available at a quite good discount.

Will Refurbished iPhone Ever Break?

The answer to this question is – Maybe or Maybe Not. Anything can happen to a phone and most of us are aware of the fact that how easily the screen of iPhone brakes.

With respects to manufacturing errors or hardware failures, you are less likely to get this with a refurbished iPhone as they undergo two sets of intense testing.

What If a Refurbished iPhone gets broken?

Basically, you will have the similar options as with a brand new iPhone.

If the iPhone has simply an error with device manufacturing or any hardware issue, then it must be covered by warranty. Also, many of the trustworthy refurbishers provide warranty too.

If it is an accidental issue, such as you dropped the phone somewhere and its screen gets broken, the standard warranty wouldn’t cover it. Prefer to have an insurance coverage for covering up the accidental damages or phone theft.

Do Refurbished Phones Come with Warranty?

Avoid purchasing a refurbished iPhone from a refurbisher that doesn’t offer you with a warranty. Never trust them. It is intermittent to find a trustworthy refurbisher that offers you with an iPhone warranty.

Research the market and get in contact with a refurbisher that provides with a one year warranty period.

Things to Look When Purchasing a Refurbished iPhone

Here a few things to look out while making a purchase of a refurbished iPhone :

  • The most obvious, yet an essential one, check out the price by comparing it with a brand new product. A refurbished iPhone is always inexpensive than a new brand product. Also, it is worth it comparing the price with several refurbishers, since prices differ a lot.
  • Remember, when buying a refurbished iPhone, check out what is inside the box. Normally, you are expected to get each and everything that a new brand iPhone might come with but just check it before buying, as you might not want any uncertain thing when you open up the box.
  • Check out, whether it is compatible with a cellular network as you need to use it on.
  • Keep in mind to check the warranty. It is important that you must know what you have and what you are not covered with, just as you would with any technology purchase.
  • Check out the seller’s return policy.
  • In case your phone has not been restored to the factory settings when you receive it, you must return it, as this signifies that your phone is not been fully refurbished.
  • If you are suspicious about anything, you can make use of ESN (Electronic Serial Number) on the phone in order to check the history of Phone. This will let you know that is was ever stolen or not.

Where to Get a Reliable Refurbished iPhone

If you think that a refurbished iPhone is the right choice for you, then you must want to purchase a reliable one. You can get such device directly from Apple or from some third-party retailer. Also, you can make an online purchase. There are many traders online who can offer you the one, but you must rely on an experienced and trusted supplier. For a reliable refurbished dealer, you can search on eBay.

Apple is one of the best mobile phone brands and there is no reason to refuse its products. The main thing that must keep in mind is the correct shop from where you want to make a reliable Refurbished iPhone purchase.


The article is contributed by Jeremy Hill, who is associated with JemJem as an editor. JemJem is the top online retailer of refurbished Apple devices in the USA. He enjoys creating, uncovering and disseminating new and interesting perspectives on technology and mobile phones. Here is the link to Jeremy’s  FacebookLinkedInTwitter 

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