FaceApp Challenge: How to do Faceapp Challenge

Faceapp old age filter

Here is a simple guide on how to do Faceapp challenge and share your own old age picture. Facepp has been around for sometimes now but in the past few days the app has gone viral and people have been looking for ways to join the viral old age filter tagged #FaceApp Challenge. In this post, we will take a look at how to download and use the Faceapp.

Faceapp was launched in 2017 but what really sets this app apart is just how good and photorealistic these filters are. You might have been seeing old age pictures of celebrities and you’re kind of intrigued by its outcome. Well, you can try it out for yourself by following the steps below.

What Is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a popular photo-editing app for applying face filters and for editing selfies. However, the latest old face filter is what makes the app go viral.

How to do Faceapp Challenge

Step 1: First, you have to download the FaceApp app from here

Step 2: Install and Open the app and grant it access to the camera and the photo library.

Step 3: You can tap on the camera icon to take a new picture or click on the gallery icon to pick any picture you will like to use.

Step 4: The app will then process the photo.

Step 5: Once the photo is processed, you’ll see many different filter options, with smileys, impressions, age and more. Here, tap on the Age button.

Step 7: Next, select Old from the options and then tap on Apply.

Your old age photo will now be generated. You can tap on the Layout button to create a comparison between the original and the filtered image.


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