Facebook introduces coloured background to statuses in Nigeria


Facebook has introduced coloured background to statuses on its Facebook mobile app. Gone are the days  of white background status update. The social network said it wants to make the Facebook community more interactive, hence a visually striking experience is necessary. They want you to create posts that are more attention grabbing than before which is so cool. It’s now available in Nigeria and I am one of the few lucky people to first use.

Few weeks ago Facebook introduced group video chat on the popular Facebook messaging app-Messenger and when we are still basking in the euphoria of this, they amazed us again with this latest innovation.

How to update your status on Facebook using colored background

Facebook status coloured background is only available to its mobile application for now and what you must know about the latest Facebook status coloured background is that only android users can use it for now. It’s no available on window operating system and apple’s popular IOS. Funny enough,  Facebook Colored backgrounds will be visible to iOS and desktop users, but only those with Android devices can create them. But I know that Facebook will be bringing the update to IOS and window phones users pretty soon.

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  • To update your status using Facebook colured background, open Facebook on your android phones, go to your wall and write what is in your mind, you will immediately be presented with different colourful background from which you can choose from.

Is Facebook status coloured background available on all android for now ?

No it’s turn by turn, not all android users have received the update even after updating Facebook. If it’s not available in your phone you won’t be able to see your friends statuses in colored background.

But before you begin to ask questions why Facebook has chosen only the android operating system to roll out this latest innovation read the official statement from Facebook.

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“We’re rolling out a change to help people make their text posts more visual. Starting today, people can update the background color of their text-only posts on Android.”

 Colored status backgrounds are rolling out globally over the next few days. Only Android users will be able to create them, but everyone on iOS, Android, and web will be able to see them in the News Feed.

As a confirmation of the global roll out for facebook coloured background statuses, I try to post an update on my wall, here is the awesome coloured background i saw.

facebook status coloured background

This has confirmed that the new update is now available in Nigeria.


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