#Yearinreview2017: Top highlights of Facebook year in review 2017

Top highlights of Facebook year in review 2017

Top highlights of Facebook year in review 2017

Social media giant Facebook has announced their year in review 2017. The list consists of the events that brought more people together on the social networking site. The highlights were all about the moment users of the site reacted to and talked about important events.

These events were controversial and trending for days, almost everyone on Facebook was talking about it. Either with their status updates, photos uploaded, stories or during a live broadcast. These events are unforgettable and have a huge impact on the people it affected.


According to Facebook, These are the top three moments people discussed globally in 2017;

1. International Women’s Day

We all have women in our lives aninth the wake of gender equality, there were lots of things to talk about. People from around celebrated women and how the gender equality movement is shaping up. Making from this the most talked about moment in 2017 on Facebook.

2. Super Bowl 51

Fans around the world wanted to know what was happening in the Super Bowl this year. They all went to News Feed on the site to see all the beautiful moments and also cheer their favorite teams. With millions talking about Lady Gaga’s performance and debating the top TV ads. According to Facebook, there were more than 262 million views of Super Bowl-related videos on the social networking site.

3. Las Vegas Violence

Las Vegas was the most talked about a city on Facebook, thanks to its prevalent gun violence. Millions of people all over the world talked about a shooting at a gay bar. This tragic incident stirred up conversation around the world, which motivated more than 3,300 people on Facebook. The 3300 people offered help to their community through Facebook Crisis Response tools.

People also came together on the social networking site when there were disasters or crisis. It was surely one heck of a year, from sporadic gun shooting to floods to earthquake. But it w as pretty inspiring to see people on Facebook come together to help each other.

・These are the top three moments where we saw people come to each other’s aid

1. Earthquake in Mexico

When this incident happened, Facebook was at a standstill. This got the highest number of interactions, according to Crisis Response on Facebook. In late September, the earthquake that hit the North American country was quite tragic. A lot of people on Facebook offered to help the community and donated to the cause.

2. Hurricane Harvey

This Hurricane swept through the Caribbeans and some parts of US like no tomorrow. In late August, more than $20m was raised on Facebook for the cause. Making it the biggest fundraising effort for a single crisis in 2017 on Facebook.

3. One Love Manchester

A bomb blew at Ariana Grande’s concert and scores (mostly kids and teenagers) were killed. The video showing inside the concert, when the bomb exploded just right outside was the most viewed video on Facebook in 2017. A live broadcast about the event was also the most watched on Facebook in 2017. Generating over 80 million views, while the users of the social networking site mourned the dead. Facebook raised more than $450,000 for those affected by the attack.

・Finally, people used social networking site to get together in person. These are the top two events people came together through Facebook, but with offline moments by creating Events on Facebook;

1. Total Solar Eclipse

Happened in August, this celestial moment brought the world together. This live event was made possible thanks to more than 20,000 Facebook Events, taking place in more than 80 countries.

2. Women’s March on DC

On January 21, more than 500,000 people were brought together, through the largest Facebook event for a single cause in 2017.

Do you want to create your year in review  2017 too? Facebook already has done the hard part for you. Just visit facebook.com/yearinreview to edit and share with friends.


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