How to Fix Camera Not Working on Android Devices

Fix Camera Not Working

Is your phone camera app force-closing and wondering what could be the issues? Here we will take you through the processes to fix the camera not working on Android devices issues.

Before you take your phone to a repair centre or technician, try the tricks/ways listed in the article and see if any of them will work for you. It doesn’t hurt to try and if it ends up working, you’ll save a few bucks the repairman or technician would have charged you.

This camera issues is not limited to only Android, there are many people who have been complaining about their iPhone camera not working, so no matter the phone you may be using, be in s Samsung, Huawei, TECNO, Infinix, iPhone, Lenovo, whenever you are faced with your camera app force closing, do try these tricks below.

So without further ado, these are the ways to fix your Android camera not working issue.

Ways to Fix Camera Not Working Issues

Camera Not Working error

Reboot your Android Device

One of the things to do when you notice that your camera is not working is to reboot an Android device. Don’t hesitate to restart the device if, for instance, you tried opening the camera app, and an error message “camera not working” pops up immediately. It takes less than five minutes to reboot your device and give the phone a fresh start and ultimately clean out the RAM of any unnecessary files.

Switch Off Android Device

This is similar to the first one but with a little twist. Instead of just restarting your phone (i.e. off and on back immediately), try switching off for 10 or 15 minutes. This gives your Android phone enough time to clear out any software bug(s) that might be causing the camera to misbehave. Also, this will boost the overall performance of your phone.

Charge your Phone Battery

Another tip on how to fix camera not working on Android devices is to charge your phone battery. It could be that your battery life is low and not supplying enough current to the phone, and the camera app doesn’t work properly as a result of that. So please, take time out to charge your Android phone and when it is fully charged, you can use the camera app.

Clear the Camera App Data

Clearing the camera app data can get rid of any software bug that is causing it not to work. The camera app is just like other apps and sometimes gets affected by bugs. So you should clear the app data by going to Settings >> Apps & Notifications >> Select “See all Apps” or Manage Apps” >> go to the Camera app and clear the data and cache.

Check if Another Application is Actively Using the Camera App

This is a probable occurrence, so it’s nothing to panic about. Some Android apps make use of the camera app. So it could at the time you’re trying to use the camera, another app is also using it, hence why the camera isn’t responding to you. You can fix this by going to the phone’s “Recent Apps icon” and close all open applications.

Check your Camera App Permissions

Most apps require the core functions of a phone system to work properly and they ask for permission before using it. It could be that you did not grant the camera app the necessary permissions required for it to function properly. Or that you granted permission for some bugged apps to use the camera app mistakenly. You can fix this by going to Settings >> Apps & Notifications >> Apps Permissions >> Select Camera. You should be able to see apps that have permission to the camera app. Toggle off the bars of apps you don’t want to have access to the camera app.

Force Stop the Camera App

Here, you should consider force stopping the camera app and see if the method on how to fix camera not working on Android devices works for you. You can do this by going to Settings >> Apps & Notifications >> choose “Manage Apps” >> scroll to the Camera app, enter and click on “Force Stop”. Once you’ve done that, go back to the app drawer and open the camera to see if you have access to the front and rear cameras and if they are working fine.

The camera app not working issues is one of the frustrating issues one can experience when using your mobile phone. If you ever find yourself in this situation, do try any of the above ways to get it fixed.


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