How to Fix TikTok Not Working Issue

TikTok Not Working Issue

TikTok is one of the emerging social media networks used by millions of people all over the world. TikTokers as they are fondly called, access this network via the app. For some reason, you might experience the TikTok not working issue while trying to use the app.

So if your TikTok app suddenly stops working, don’t panic, we’ll be showing you different ways that can help you fix the issue. In the event that your TikTok app is not working properly, there are a couple of ways to fix it without having to panic. So without further ado, let’s show you the different ways.

fix TikTok Not Working Issue

Clear the TikTok App cache

This should be the first thing you do anytime you notice an app on your phone is not working. There are times that cache data gets corrupted and affects the performance of the app using that data. The TikTok application stores some data temporarily to make it run faster and work efficiently. It could be that TikTok stored a bugged data unknowingly, so follow these steps to fix it;

• Open the “Settings” application and click on the “Apps & Notifications”.

• From there, go to “Manage Apps” and locate the TikTok app.

• Click on the TikTok app and clear cache, you can also clear the data files if you want but that will log out your account.

• Force stop the TikTok app, then go to your app drawer and open it back up. Check if the TikTok problem has been rectified.

Restart your Smartphone

If the above method did not work. Not to worry, we have another way on how to fix TikTok not working issue. Try restarting your phone, it could be that the issue isn’t from the TikTok app but your phone. When you restart your phone, the system will refresh its memory and get rid of any software bug available. You can restart your phone by long-pressing the power button, choose ”reboot” or “restart” from the options displayed on your screen. Once you have restarted or rebooted your phone, try opening the TikTok app and see if the issue persists.

Update your TikTok App

If after restarting your phone and the TikTok app is still not working, then it’s time to update the app. The problem could be from the company themselves, and they have released a new TikTok update to fix it. So go to your phone’s app store and check if there is a new update for TikTok. Android users, open the Google play store app and go to “manage apps and device”, look for the TikTok app. Then download/install the latest version of TikTok. The update should ultimately get rid of any bug causing the app not to work.

Check your Network Connection

TikTok is an application that requires a good and stable internet connection. It could be that the app isn’t working because your network connection keeps failing or fluctuating. Try visiting any site with a web browser and see if your internet connection is good. If it isn’t, you’ve to switch to another network provider or contact the existing one to get it fixed for you.

Check your TikTok App Permissions

Another method on how to fix TikTok not working issue is to check the app permissions. TikTok requires some permission from you to work efficiently. Maybe you unknowingly did not grant the app these permissions, which could be why it is misbehaving.

Some of the permissions required by TikTok are access to your camera, microphone, and storage. You can check for yourself by going to Settings >> Apps & Notifications >> Manage Apps >> locate and select TikTok >> App Permissions >> here you’ll what TikTok has access to and what it is denied.

Uninstall and Reinstall the TikTok app

Finally, if the issue or problem continues, then you should uninstall the TikTok app and re-install it back. If other apps on your phone are working perfectly then it means the TikTok app is faulty, so uninstalling it is the logical thing to do. Once you uninstall it, go to your phone’s app store, search and download the TikTok app. The TikTok version on your app store should be working perfectly and free of any bug or corrupt file.


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