Why Flashlight Not Working and How to Fix It

Flashlight Not Working issues

Are you curious about why the flashlight not working and how to fix it? The flashlight is one of the most used apps or part of a smartphone especially in countries where there is no stable electricity like Nigeria. Having a phone with a working flashlight gives you that sense of security during nighttime when the power holding company cuts off the light.

As the technology behind smartphones continues to evolve, the flashlight is getting better too. Some phones feature a Quad-LED flashlight for a brighter and detailed photo or video in low-light conditions. So using a phone with a faulty flashlight will hinder your ability to take pictures or make videos at night. Before you take your phone to a technician that will probably cost you money, try the methods in this article and see if any of them works for you.

In some cases, a faulty flashlight is caused by a software bug and something you can easily fix yourself.

Ensure your Phone is not in Power Saver Mode

Flashlight Not Working

The power saver mode when enabled can affect the flashlight. This mode is tasked with stopping apps or functions that happen in the background as a way to save power/battery. So if your phone is set to power saver mode, it will stop functions like vibration, background data usage, and in some cases the flashlight. So if you want your flashlight to work, you’ll need to turn off the power saver mode. You can do that by simply going to Settings >>Battery Saver >> Click on the three-dots at the top-right corner >> then turn the mode off.

Uninstall Every Application installed before the Phone Flashlight is not Working

Next on why the flashlight not working and how to fix it, we have another method for you to try. It is not a coincidence that your flashlight stopped working after you download certain applications. Those applications are affecting your phone’s flashlight, so you need to identify those apps and uninstall them.

Clear your Camera App Data

If you did not install any new apps before the flashlight stopped working, try and clear your camera app data. The camera settings must have been altered which is affecting the flashlight or there is a bug in the camera app. Luckily for you, it is very easy to clear your camera app data. Just go to Settings >> Application Manager >> All >> Camera >> then clear data.

Use a Third-Party Flashlight App

If after trying the above ways and the flashlight is still not working, then you consider downloading a third-party flashlight app. If you’re using an Android device, go to Google play store and search for “Flashlight App” and choose from the search result. Once downloaded, you can use the app to turn on your flashlight.

Factory Reset your Phone

If the third-party flashlight app you downloaded still did not turn on your flashlight, don’t worry. Like we said in the introduction on why flashlight not working and how to fix it, a faulty flashlight is most likely cause by a software bug. You can get rid of this bug and any software irregularities by factory reset your phone.

Note that this move should be your last resort after exercising all other methods. This is because every file and document on your phone will be wiped out if you factory reset. It is advisable to backup your data before you do this. You can factory reset your phone by going to Settings >> System Settings >> Backup & Reset >> Factory Data Reset >> Reset Phone.

Visit a Professional Technician

After you’ve factory reset your phone and the flashlight still isn’t working, then you can say you’ve exhausted every software means possible. The next and final step is the hardware and that means taking your phone to a professional technician or engineer. Please do not try to disassemble your phone by yourself, you’ll end do more damaging to it.


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