Glo Customer Care Number, Live Chat and WhatsApp Number

Glo Customer Care Number

Glo is an indigenous telecommunications service provider which is also the second-largest network provider in Nigeria with a huge customer base. With this amount of users currently on their network means that more often than not, one or two customers would need assistance on various matters about their services.

Glo Customer Care Number and Channels and How to contact them

Whatever might be your reasons for contacting Glo customer care, whether to enquire about Glo latest data offers, Glo tariff plans, how you can know your Glo number, how to retrieve your lost Glo SIM card e.t.c, this post has got you covered

Others include how to recharge a number, subscribe for a data plan, switch over to a 4G enabled SIM or inquire about a new data plan or tariff.

There are also other reasons as to why a Glo user would like to contact a Glo customer care representative. Of course, there is an option to visit any of their branches nationwide to get your problems sorted out.

But not everyone one has the time to visit their office, especially people who work in banks, government offices or any other place that require them to be at work during the weekdays.

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This is why Glo now has various other convenient ways to contact one of their customer care representatives.

You can now contact them with just a single phone call via their phone number, send them an email through their email address or even chat with them through social media via sites like Facebook and Twitter.

We will also be pointing you in the right direction with how to go about each one in the following outlined steps.

How to contact Glo Customer Care Phone Number

Calling Glo Customer Care Number on the Phone is always a good way to go if you have an issue with any of Glo services.

The call is also toll-free which means that it is free of charge. However, the only downside with this is that you will wait for quite some time before you’re attended to by a free Glo Customer Care representative as there are always other persons calling too to have their issues resolved too.

Anyway, it’s still a good way regardless and you can use the phone numbers below to contact them.

  1. ┬áIf you’re calling from your Glo Number or using a friends Glo Number, Dial 121 or 200
  2. If you’re calling from any other network in Nigeria, Dial 08050020121 or 08050020200.
  3. You can also remove the 0 and add +234 to these numbers if you’re calling from abroad.

How to contact Glo Customer Care On Twitter or Facebook

Apart from the Glo customer care number above. If you’re on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter then, that is also a good place to get in touch with their customer care representatives.

You contact them on twitter with the handle @GloCare or @GloWorld.

On Twitter, you can tweet at them or send them a direct DM.

You can also head straight to their Offical Facebook Page; Glo World

where you can send them a direct message, post on their wall or drop a comment in any of their posts.

How to contact Glo Customer Care via Email Address

If you would like to keep things professional or don’t have a Social Media account then you can opt for the e-mail option.

You can also lodge any complaint or issues you have with Glo via email which will be responded to by a Glo customer care representative in no time.

Their email addresses are as follows;

[email protected] or [email protected] With these two e-mail address, you can lodge complaints/issues or make inquires about their services.

Glo Customer Care Offices Nearest To You

On the off chance that you feel going to any of their offices is what you prefer and you don’t know of any within your area or state then you can head to their GloWorld Shops category on their website where all their offices in Nigeria are listed.

From there you can select the one closest to you to visit and have your issues sorted out or get your questions about various services answered.


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