Glo Data Share: How To Share Glo Data

Being able to share data on Glo network is something every Glo user should know how to do just in case the need arises.

If you don’t know how to share data on your Glo line then you’re in luck as we would be walking you through the process involved in this article.

There are so many instances where being able to share Glo data comes in pretty handy. Let’s say your friend just ran out of data but has something important to do on his/her phone but you can’t lend him/her your phone because you’re using it for something important as well.

You simply share your Glo data with him or her, that way, you saved him or her from that dilemma.

You can think of Glo Data share as a mobile hotspot but with more convenience.

For a start, it has a far wider range than a mobile hotspot. Once you share your data with your friend, you can turn off your phone while your friend still surfs the net using your data plan and vice versa.

You can also share your data plan to anybody on the Glo network in Nigeria, regardless of how far the person is to you. It’s pretty much two phone numbers sharing and using the same data plan. Now that we know what the Glo Data Share entails,

Let’s go ahead and find out how to make use of it.

Glo Data Share: How To Share Data on Glo to friends and family

There are two ways to go about Glo data sharing process which are listed below.

Method 1

  1. On your phone where you have the Glo SIM with the data you want to share, simply dial *127 *01 *Recipient Number#. For example, dial *127 *01 *08056334485#.

Method 2

  • In a text message, write “Share Recipient Number” then send it to 127. For example, “Share 08056334485
    ” to 127.

Following any of the above processes will add the phone number to your data sharing list which will allow the added phone number to be able to use from your data plan.

After adding the phone number, all your friend has to do is simply turn on his/her data connection and start browsing the net which will be deducted from your data plan. Like I said earlier, your friend can browse regardless whether your device is turned off or not

How To Check How Many People You’re Sharing Your Data With

With the Glo Data share, you are able to share your data with up to 5 other people. Now, to see the list of all the people you’re sharing your data with so as to keep track of it, simply follow the simple procedure below.

  1. Send “List” in a text message to 127 or you can simply dial *127 *00#
  2. Sending the message or dialling the above code will provide you with the list of phone numbers that currently have access to use your data plan.

How To Remove A Phone Number From Your Data Sharing List

If you ever want to remove any phone number from that list and stop them from using your data then simply send “Remove Phone-Number” to 127 or dial *127 *02 *Phone number#. For example, send “Remove 08056334485 ” to 127 or dial *127 *02 * 08056334485 #

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Glo Data share and how you can share data on Glo Network. If you need any more clarification on this or have questions about data sharing on the Glo Network, feel free to let us know in the comment section down below.

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