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God of War Apk Mod with Unlimited Coins Download for Android

God of War game

God Of War is a pretty popular game franchise which has a lot of titles on different platforms ranging from PlayStation, Xbox to even the PlayStation portable.

It also has a mobile version which is the one we will be focusing on in this guide. We will be showing you how to download the God of War game as well as how to install it on your Android device, but first, let’s get to know a little about the game.

God of War Apk Review

God Of War is a mobile game that was originally made for the old Java phones but has been ported to the Android platform. This means that the game was not developed with Android in mind but have been re-worked so as to be played on Android. Regardless of this, the game still runs very well on the Android platform and is quite enjoyable.

Although the graphics of the game is pretty outdated by today’s standard, however, if you like retro games that remind you of those childhood days then you’ll absolutely get the kick-off this game. As expected, the game follows the journey of mortal turned god, Kratos on his path to get his revenge against his fellow gods.

The controls on this game are very easy and intuitive, even a first-timer can pick it up and still adapt fast. If you’re already a fan of the hack and slash genre of games or have played adventure games before then the controls should come naturally to you. Also, there are a lot of things to like in this game.

Asides from the standard features the game comes with, The God of War Apk we will be showing you how to download and install here is a modded version. This means that it comes unlimited coins as well as unlimited souls which you can use to upgrade your character in the game.

Now that we know all about the game as well as what the modded version adds to it.

Let’s go ahead to show you how to download it.

How To Download God Of War APK Mod

Unlike many other Android games that have both an APK and OBB file, this has just an APK as it is smaller compared to other Android games. The whole game weighs about 140MB in size and comes in just a single APK which you just need to install. So no need to move any OBB folder around.

You can download the God Of War APK Mod here and after that, you can head on to your settings menu, click on security and toggle on “allow installation of apps from unknown sources“. After that, you can now go ahead and install the game, Launch it and Play.

Game Screenshot

God of War Apk God of War Apk Mod



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