Google for Nigeria: Google launches a lightweight alternative to Google Photos – Gallery Go


Gallery Go is the latest app from tech Giant; Google. It is a light and fast smart photo gallery application that works offline. Just like Google Photos, this app uses machine learning to organise your photos automatically. The main selling points of this app is its lightweight and ability to work offline. Gallery Go is ideal for developing countries and was first launched in Nigeria, which is one of those countries.

We have seen Google release lightweight version for many of their apps such as YouTube, Gmail e.t.c. Though the naming is a bit different this time around, instead of “Google Photos Go”, which will sound awkward, Google has decided to name this one “Gallery Go”. Google is not the only tech company to go down this route, other companies like Facebook and Twitter have released ‘lite’ version of their apps.

Gallery go app

Gallery Go debuts on Google Playstore with less than 10MB file size, so you don’t have to worry much about the app taking much space on your device. And it does every of its work offline! To run this app, you’ll need a device with Android 8 Oreo or higher. But overall, this kind of app is ideal for those running on the Android Go edition, which is a light version of the regular and heavy Android operating software. Gallery Go comes with the auto-enhance feature and many other photo editing tools to make your photos great.

One will have to wonder how many more of Google’s app will get this light version initiative? With Google constantly looking for ways to improve the technology sector of developing countries like Nigeria, we have to assume more is on the way.


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