Google Pixel 5a to debut on June 11, Pixel 6 in the works

Google Pixel 5a

Google’s next smartphone will be the Pixel 5a and will be announced by June 11, this is according to a report from voice.

The Google Pixel 4a was released in August last year. So it shouldn’t be weird to expect its successor around that time of the year barring any obstacles.

According to this report, the Pixel 5a will have a smaller selfie camera punch-hole compared to its predecessor. The position of the selfie camera will however remain the same.

The Google Pixel 6 which is expected towards the end of 2021 will see a change in selfie camera position. Though punch-holed, the selfie camera will be centred at the top middle as opposed to the top left corner on the Pixel 5a. The selfie camera of the Pixel 6 will be able to record videos at 4K resolution.

Also, a new Google Pixel Buds are coming in mid-April. No official date yet, we’ll keep you posted when the information is made available.


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