Google Pixel buds-Google’s Response to Apple Airpods


Recently, at their annual event in San Francisco, Google announced among other products, their first wireless earphones. The wireless devices called Google Pixel buds (as they were announced alongside the Google Pixel series )have been dubbed Google’s response to Apple’s groundbreaking Air pods.

The excitement has reached feverish levels, and most tech lovers are itching to get their hands (or ears, depending on how you see it) on the soon to be released Google Pixel buds.

Amidst the frenzy generated by the expectation of this undoubtedly remarkable device, we shall attempt to compare both devices from these two giants who continually change and reshape the Tech landscape with their amazing products.

Google Pixel buds Vs Apple Airpods


When the Apple Air pod was first announced, it seemed like a thing out of a Sci-Fi thriller – two earphones completely devoid of any wires or cables. Ever since the launch, the Air pod has enjoyed widespread acceptance due to its lightweight, easy fit and absence of a wire.

Google Pixel buds

Unlike the Apple Air pods, the Google Pixel Air buds are fitted with a braided cable which serves to hold the two earpieces together ensuring they do not fall-off when not in use. The cable can also be adjusted to get a better fit and can be worn around the neck. The Pixel buds are a little heavier than their counterparts from Apple.

Apple Airpods

The Google Pixel bud comes with a touchpad on the right earpiece, which can be used for quick-launching interesting features like the “Google Assistant”, change music tracks, play favourite tracks and also manage volume levels. The Airpod, on the other hand, utilizes a double tap on the right earpiece to launch Apple’s virtual assistant – “Siri”.

Both Google Pixel bud and Apple Air pods come in a pocket case which doubles as a pocket charger, though the Apple Air pod pocket case has a better fit than the Google pocket charger. Both devices would last 5 hours on full charge.


The Apple Air pods automatically connect to iOS devices as soon as they are let out of the pocket case.  Extra exciting features can be accessed when connected to devices running the iOS 11. They can also be used with other devices not running the iOS via Bluetooth, and used as ordinary earphones.

The Google Pixel buds also connect automatically with any Pixel devices as soon as they are out of the pocket case. Exciting features like the “Google Assistant”, real-time translation and gesture controls can be accessed when used with Pixel devices or any device running the Android Marshmallow and above. They can also be connected to other devices through Bluetooth, and then used as normal earphones.


The Google Pixel buds give the user better control compared to the Apple Air pods. Using the touchpad on the right earpiece, the user can quickly launch the “Google Assistant”, play a favourite track, go forward and backwards between tracks and also manage volume levels. Google also claims using the touchpad will enable users to access real-time translations made by “Google Assistant”. Users can also voice activate other functions on their Pixel phones using the Pixel buds.

A double tap on the Apple Air pods will activate the virtual assistant “Siri” and give users the flexibility of moving between tracks when used with iOS 11 devices. Users can also communicate with “Siri” via the voice function, rather than by typing.

Battery life

Both devices have been described to last 5 hours on a full charge. Also, the pocket charger for both devices are equipped to give 4 full charge – thereby ensuring the user does not have to worry about running out of power.

Apple claims 15 minutes of charging the Air pods will supply 4 hours of extra charge, while Google has indicated that 15 minutes of charging the Pixel buds will provide only 1 hour of extra charge on their devices.

Considering how much power is stored up by the battery of these devices as well as the pocket chargers, there is little separating both devices in terms of battery life and service hour.


The Air pods are designed for easy connection and will activate exciting features when used on an iOS device.  They can also be used as earphones when connected to other devices via Bluetooth.

The Google Pixel buds will give access to “Google Assistant”, real-time translation features and track and volume management when used with Pixel devices. The quick-connect feature also works perfectly well when used with devices running Android Marshmallow and above. The buds can also be used as earphones when connected to other devices via Bluetooth.

Sound quality

The Apple Air pods produce quality sound. The nature of the fit also ensures some level of ambient sound can be heard, resulting in a great listening experience. The Google Pixel buds, on the other hand, is yet to be released, therefore, it is hard to determine the quality of sound it will produce. Considering Google’s pedigree and the awesomeness of the Pixel series of smartphones, we have no qualms giving the Pixel buds a benefit of the doubt on sound quality.

Pricing and Availability

Both Apple’s Air pods and Google’s Pixel buds are priced at exactly $159 – what a coincidence!  The Apple Air pods are already in the market and have been purchased by many users to good review. The Google Pixel buds will not be available until November.

These two devices may have been designed and manufactured by two companies with very different philosophies, yet they are similar in more ways than one. The Google Pixel buds promise much excitement and loads of cool features and will no doubt win the hearts of numerous users come the eventual release in November.


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