Google Play Services: What is all about and how to Download to your Phone


    If you’ve been using an Android device for a while then chances are, you might have come across the Google Play Services just sitting in your Apps section doing nothing. Well, you’re wrong. Google Play services does a whole lot on an Android device that it is often regarded as the heartbeat of Android. Much like the human heart, it’s work in the background hardly gets noticed by an everyday user of Android so we will be taking out time here to tell you what Google Play Services, How it works and most importantly, how to download it on to your Android device.

    What is Google Play Services?

    Google Play services is kind of an app but isn’t actually an app. You can see the app in your apps list but when you try to Open it, nothing will happen. Without going into techy kinds of stuff and geek out on you, Google Play services is the app, or rather API that allows for prompt updates of your Google Apps and Apps in General. It also serves as a bridge between apps and the Android operating systems/other apps. In a nutshell, Google Play services is an App needed on most Android for other apps, especially the Google apps like Chrome, Gmail, etc to function properly.

    Google Play Services

    Google Play services can also be disabled and some ROMs do come without it. However, upon disabling it or deleting it, some apps won’t function properly and you will most likely not bet getting app updates as app updates are usually sent/distributed through the Google Play services down to the Google Play Store.

    How To Download and Install Google Play Services

    Google Play Services is needed on most, if not all android device to function properly and comes pre-installed in most Android devices out of the box. Well, except for the ones (Android devices) in China that doesn’t come pre-installed with Google Play services as it isn’t packed with Google Apps. Nevertheless, you can still install Google Apps on it but first, you’ll need to lay the foundation before installing the Google Apps.

    If you bought a Chinese version of an Android smartphone that doesn’t come with Google Play services pre-installed or you bought a used device without Google Play services Installed for some reason then you can easily fix it by installing Google Play Services App. Thankfully, Installing the Google Play services app is very easy.

    All you have to do is follow the steps below.

    1. Search for the Google Play Services apk from the internet. Make sure you’re Downloading it from a reputable website like ApkMirrorĀ or from Play Store
    2. Download the latest version of the Google Play Services and Install as you would a normal App.
    3. After successfully installing, restart your device and you’re free to Install Google Apps as well as other apps on your Android device.

    Google Play Services, just like the Google Play Store auto-updates itself so you don’t have to worry about being on an outdated version or updating manually. Now that you have Google Play services installed, you’ll be able to get all the new features Google brings forward in time through updates coming from the Google Play Services and showing up on your Play Store.


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