How to Add Someone to a Group Text on iOS 11 and 12

How to Add Someone to a Group Text on iOS 11 and 12

Reaching out to your contacts through mass texting is an ideal approach to communicate your thoughts or bring up discussions with family and friends or colleagues at work. This technique has the advantage of allowing convenient interaction in a single message thread, which also helps participants in the group to join the conversation by leaving a reply.

With your iOS 11 and 12, you can exploit this awesome feature on your iPhone, iPad, and similar devices just by following the sequential steps explained here. You can now add friends to your contact groups, but you must take note of some key aspects in order to execute this procedure.

Participants must have an iOS 11 or above to enable them to get group messages on iMessage which shows a  green send button, while participants using any other type of devices other iOS 11 or above (Android inclusive)  will only receive group messages, sent as either MMS or SMS messages showing a blue send button. Also, note that adding a third person to an ongoing conversation between two people will not be possible.

Let’s say you have an ongoing group message and want to add a contact to the group on your iOS device, or you just want to create a new group message and need to add your contacts; either of these can be approached in the same manner with the help of iMessage.

Tips on Adding Contacts to Your Group Text

Anyone using the iMessage app, which comes with the iPhone by default, can simply create and add someone to a group message with these few steps while taking cognizance of the limit allowed for each group. To invite people to your group text on your iPhone, here is what you need to do:

  • Turn your phone on; then, locate the iMessage and tap the icon to open it
  • Start a fresh conversation from the message app by tapping on the new message icon just around the top-right corner.
  • You can either enter the names or numbers of people who already exist in your address book that you wish to invite in the “To: field” or just by tapping the plus “ + “ icon to pick contacts from your address book. While for contacts you don’t already have on your phone, enter the number of the participants in the “To: area”.
  • Get more people on your group chat with a repeat of the above process, taking note of the limit.
  • Now, enter your message in the text message field and tap the “Send” arrow icon.
  • You have finally created a chat/text group, and members can now reply and also see replies posted by other members instantaneously.

One other alternative to the aforementioned procedure to use iCloud, which however keenly requires you have a complete backup of your mobile device to avoid data loss should your phone crash.  Proceed with the steps below to create your text group on your iOS using iCloud which allows you to create even larger groups, unlike the other method:

  • The first step is to enable contact syncing with iCloud on your device available under “Settings”. Enable the “Contacts” slider in the “Apple ID” tab located under the iCloud
  • Sign-in to your Apple account via and then click on the Contacts” icon, located just within the dashboard.
  • Create and name your group by clicking the “+” icon and select the “New Group” option.
  • Now, select “All Contacts” and browse through to pick and drag needed contacts into the newly created group.
  • Finally, you can message your contact group which can either be in the form of “Group SMS, “Group MMS, or “Group iMessage”.
  • Locate and open your Message app; tap the compose icon at the top-right corner
  • Then, tap the “ + “ icon at the top-right corner to the “To: field”.
  • Pick the group to message and type in your message, and hit the “Send” Button.

With these highlighted steps, you can now add anyone in your contact to a group text on iOS 11 and 12 with ease.


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